Hadley's Hope / Press

“Bigger is better for Orlando rock band Hadley's Hope, which expands its sonic scope with each new release.The band's new full-length album, "Neon City," to be celebrated at a CD release show on Friday at the Haven Lounge in Winter Park, is the band's first to be recorded at its own home studio. That allowed the band to work without watching the clock on a dozen songs that meld a bit of the musical grandiosity of Queen with the synthesizer-heavy melodicism of Styx.Spacey keyboards support the driving dance beat in the opening "Sinister Blues," with a chorus elevated by twisting chord changes. Truthfully, a little bit of the repetitive prog-rock guitar riffs in songs such as "The Letter" goes a long way with me, but "Neon City" shows that the band is developing more sonic diversity...”

"It's the third release from Hadley's Hope, a rock band with songs that aspire to be cinematic enough to warrant that Cameron reference. Singer-keyboardist Michael Fargnoli, guitarist Kyle Bodshaug, drummer Christian Hernandez and bassist-vocalist Ryan Graham never met a monster chorus they didn't love. Expansive, approachable choruses help lift songs such as "Tax Day," material that's densely packed (maybe too densely) with lyrical imagery and riffs. The best stuff here is the breakneck "Father O'Graham's Mix" of "Zoom," one of the band's signature songs, and a live version of "Mars Today." In its best moments, Hadley's Hope stops thinking so much and lets muscle and feeling take over."