Andy Burns / Press

“Andy!! You are in a class all your own!! I LOVE the way you write!...I hear a subtle reminiscence of styx...maybe it's just me... ”

Christine McHoes, Fan - Reverbnation

“Loving the sound Andy! Hints of Cat Stevens at times, fused with the best of the 90s. This is all right up my ally. You're onto something special man. Great production and vox too. Cheers”

Brandon Kinross, Fan - Reverbnation

“I like that Photo right there Andy!! The Glazed look in your eyes, and me helping you along by handing you another Beer after snapping the Pic! LOL!!”

Michael Boismier - Fan, Facebook

"He is a truly gifted musician in every sense of the word."

Rob Violette, Owner/Operator - First Impressions Entertainment Agency

"At NAAF, we actively assist talented Aboriginal students who possess the drive, discipline and determination to achieve the skills that will enable them to be independent and self-supporting and to be important contributors to the artistic and cultural fabric of our country and we are happy to assist you at this time"

John Kim Bell, Founder and President - National Aborignal Achievement Foundation

"He is highly regarded by faculty and students alike, and possesses a most cogenial personality and endearing sense of humour"

Brenda Arrowsmith - Communications and Creative Arts Division

"While I have had the good fortune to instruct many fine students ove my 20 some odd years or teaching the classic guitar, Andy certainly ranks among the top few who have what I consider to be an ideal mix of successful qualities."

Philip Candelaria - Cambrian Music Program Coordinator