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“GrooveHub naturally treads beyond the borders of jazz, their eclectic catchiness could appeal to wide audiences.”

"Even with a modest line-up the band has a big jazz-rock sound."

"...their instrumental groove full of well composed sections and surprising twists meets high standards."

“This is a great song that takes off from the get go. The piano lead is awesome because it is technical, well paced, and very catchy. The same can be said about the drums which are great in their own right.”

Crowd Review for the song Rio

“This instrumental was truly remarkable, was amazed beyond belief. The song lead with the main instrument as the piano. I was so breath taking by instrument. The mixdown and master overall quality call super. This was a great song.”

Crowd Review for the song Rio

“Video footage of DikyFest festival, GrooveHub starts at 1:45.”