Go For Launch / Press

“Once Go For Launch hit the stage, it was instantly clear that these guys were a band we would continue to follow and be fans of for a very long time. The band formed in 2009 in Westchester, New York and has something that is hard to find these days, which is a unique sound. The band released their second album in 2012 entitled “Frequency Change” which is available on Itunes along with their 2010 self titled album. Go For Launch has a definite funky and soulful style to them, but just when you think they are settled into a groove, a killer rock or punk riff comes bursting into the song. It makes for a delightfully unique sound that grabs you and makes the albums incredibly interesting. Supported by great vocals from the slightly quirky singer Scott Griffin who takes the stage in his socks, the songs feature some awesome harmonies and great guitar work as well from Nick Bilancia and Anthony Mauriello. Solid musicianship and some very unique and cool song-writing is the key to this b”

“Though the road hasn't been a long one yet for the band, the combined years of practice are immediately evident in performance. Quirky melodic detours, complex polyrhythmic breakdowns and sing-along hooks all take turns in the spotlight. But as focused as the band is on the technical aspects of performance, they are also keenly aware of its ultimately subordinate role. At its heart, Go for Launch's music is human, with all the complex and sometimes messy emotions that often entails.”

“Walking down the main drive in Venice, CA…That’s the feeling Go For Launch will conjure up when you slip their album Go For Launch in your stereo, or rather hit play on your iTunes. Never been? Well it’s a unique place filled with laid back creativity that all flows together seamlessly as the Punk Rock looking kids sit side by side with the Jamaican clad youth. Yes, Rasta and Rock is what music lovers are in for when they get to know Go For Launch. A heavenly amount of tracks perfect for the summer months will make fans of RX Bandits and Echo Movement happy to know they have a new band to spend time with. So take a break from the 9-5 and groove along to “Be Afraid” and “Severed,” off their album, Go For Launch, you’ll thank me. ”

“Go For Launch is a blend of jazz and rock and awesomeness. I am going to start off by saying that it was hard for me to capture the true essence of Go For Launch in words so bare with me because I am going to try to make an attempt at it. It has been awhile since I have heard a band that was as good as 311, maybe better. Go For Launch is one of those rare finds that make you feel amazing that you were lucky enough to hear them and make you feel even richer in sound.”