Gina Rene / Press

“In 1989 Gabriel and Mei-Lwun were working on a hip-hop track in the Rene family studio. "The track was cool," says Gabriel, "but Mei-Lwun and I couldn't rap." They asked little sister Gina to give it a try, and the rest is history. It wasn't till some time later that Soulstice finally materialized after collaboration between Andy and Gabriel in 1995. "I knew the first time I worked on a track with Gabe that this was right. Making music with my brother was where I was supposed to be. The chemistry between all of us was so obvious and it was such a natural high whenever we'd get together." reflects Gina. From playing to a few hundred people at 111 Minna St to playing sold out shows at the 1200 capacity historic Fillmore Theatre, SF, Soulstice have come a long way in their musicaljourney. The debut album "Illusion" is a true collective work of art. Five years in the making, Soulstice emerge as the driving force behind putting the music back into electronica.”