Garbage Truck / Press

“Garbage Truck, I love watching porn on a 13" television!”


“Garbage Truck is hilarious. Did they bring the really fat blow up doll?”

Rob Johnson

“Awesome show last night. Kudos to Garbage Truck for reminding us that one thing rock and roll is missing nowadays is drunken half naked girls shaking their goodies on stage. Bailed after that, and was sorry to hear that Green Jelly didn't make it to the show. But a hell of a night nonetheless.”


“Garbage Truck, what can you say - porn core at its finest! Once the dancer got on stage, the audience grew tremendously and that is no pun intended lol ”


“You guys are absolutely brilliant. Your lyrics are straight and to the point. After listening to your song, "Nasty Sluts", I know how you feel about sluts! Hahah”

ReverbNationer - Reverb Nation

“ok.....I have left your page 3 times to do other promo shit for my band.....I keep coming back and loading another song.....fuckin' shit is too funny & rocks balls.....excellent!!!!!”


“Heavilly hilarious!!! Great stuff!”


“I shouldn't smoked that last blunt cause I can't stop laughing, great music just awesome!”


“Yep!!The world needs more T&A!!! W/ loud guitars!!!”


“Hahahahahaha! We need more crazy shit like this!”


“The Ballad Of Bill Murray is still my favorite!! Razzle Dazzle Razzle Dazzle!!”


“These guys are the kings of porn rock make no fucking mistake about it.”

IMRadio Listener

“what can you say. if you cannot enjoy these guys you have never been high or drunk.”

IMRadio Listener

“From the pics these guys live show is even better than their records!”

IMRadio Listener

“After just 12 seconds, I KNEW I'd listened to another garbage song from ya'll! Got amy FREE tickets to your next performance? I bet you could have the place laughin' their ass off!!!”

ImRadio Listener