FunkyGroovyLemonade / Press

"Thank's for the positive reinforcement! .I didn't care for the original "Stan" as much as yours"

Sam - Headstate

“Stopping by to show our support and friendship. Wishing you all the best in your musical endeavour and a fantastic new year ! :) Enki Anuna”

Enki Anuna - Tina Turner's Kenny Moore

“Loading this brilliant, creative tuneage into our Sunday playlist..hope it's a fun and relaxing weekend for you, as it is for us. Another crisp sunny London Sunday!!”

Mike White - Mike White Presents

“You have got such breathtaking voice!! WOW!! your super talented! I'm now listening to your beautiful music and I'm enjoying and loving it very much!! I sure will come back to listen to more of your brilliant music!! Keep the brilliant work up! Much Love! Aria Arvan from Houston, TX”

Aria Arvan - Aria Arvan ария:

“Funky Groovy Lemonade is my drink of choice. I've been pouring it into my ears and it does wonders for me!”

Richard - Richard D. Ruttenberg

“Yeah !!!!! INFECTED is Mega Single !! We enjoyed it a lot”

Infection - Infection Music

“Great great style! I love your music, sounds, beats & STYLE! You own it! All the best from London. JM”

John Moukarzel - John Moukarzel Musician

“Great name! Great music! I love this!”

Rob - Robs Bass Cafe

“Superb work Kara! These loops provide a fantastic starting point for any track, and are all inspiring in and of themselves. The hard-hitting drum and bass pattern in “Crystal Method Style Trance” sounds like something you’d hear on a Juno Reactor record, while I can imagine “Phat Drum and Bass Loop” working as a great foundation for a lively jazz track. “Extreme Break Beat Loop” could double up as an experimental glitch, while “Dreamy Trance Piano Loop” might inspire a whole orchestral fusion piece with its ascending chord progressions. There’s a lot to be appreciated here, and the amount of genres accomodated for is very impressive. A producer’s dream come true!”

Ross Copper - Ross Cooper Music

“Check out my new "loops" for $5.99 in store! If you are an up and coming artist and need a beat to start with or a seasoned veteran with writers block or just feel you can make a hit song out of my loops, this is a dream come true candyland of loops I designed especially for you~wink!”