FoTUS / Press

“FoTUS rocks, that’s for sure, and they don’t take themselves or anything else too seriously, which is a refreshing change.”

Rhonda Readence - Review You

“Rad Tunes!”

Klondike Kate! - Reverbnation Artist

“Great rock sound with a humorous touch! Awesome vocals and guitar!”

Tracy - CD Baby Review

“FoTUS play a heavy mix of hard rock with a generous offering of twisted humor. Their album Deep In The Navel is a serious effort at creating unique and original rock, but the humor that runs rampant throughout the album makes it clear that FoTUS doesn’t take much of anything too seriously. They just like to have fun and rock out.”

Rhonda Readence - Review You

“When's the UK tour??”

Luke's Mum

“Great rock with humorous tongue in cheek sensibility! Maybe a collaboration is in order sometime?”

RaveTek13 - CD Baby Review

“I'm you're #1 groupie”


“It's The Darkness meets Jack Black! I'm diggin' it”

iTunes Review

“Please can you turn that f*&*(*&#(* music down!!!”

Upset neighbor

“Great work! All the best to you!”

Keyla Reed - Reverbnation Artist

“mmmm Fun!”

Angela B Storm - Reverbnation Artist

“I must admit I have enjoyed your music! It would be great to share the stage with you guys! take care!”

Shadow Reborn - Reverbnation Artist

“Sweet music/style.”

Scurvey Sickness - Reverbnation Artist

“Love your songs and sound! Very good job!”

Sonic Arrows - Reverbnation Artist