First Class Villain / Press

“Southern groove metal with a unique twist, "Houdini's Last Trick" is an album that fails to disappoint in all aspects. Clear audio quality, an array of lyrical themes, varying tempos and instrument compositions that never seem to stop changing throughout each song make this album an absolute must hear. Prepare to be blown away this summer.”

“A great mixture of tempos are found within the content on "Houdini's Last Trick" which takes the listener on a roller coaster ride that lands them straight into the heart of hell itself, ensuring that boredom will not be an issue.”

“Houdini's Last Trick is power packed southern groove metal at its best. In a sea of under par and mediocre independent releases, Dixie Deathwish have brought with them stylish, memorable compositions and lyrics that make this material catchy and unique; a sure nominee for independent release of the year. There is an underlying Pantera vibe that stands out heavily, but Dixie Deathwish are in no way a knock-off type of band. Instead, they've taken their unique style and blended southern twang, death grit and groove rhythms into a near perfect mesh of original design.”