Fiona Soe Paing / Press

"Very, very cool!"

Vince Clarke - Twitter

"...stylish, elegant and sinister...obscure electronica, minimal beats and exotic voice merge seamlessly with animated visuals to evolve into a multi-media artwork."

Scott Kara - New Zealand Herald

“4/5 stars Album review by Mark Shukla. Published 21 November 2012 Fiona Soe Paing's second solo EP is a tough-but-sensual slice of modern electronica. Filtered samples struggle for breath against a stark backdrop of synthetic minimalism and doom-hop detonations, whilst glowering bass stabs circle the mix like hungry vultures. Soe Paing's extraordinary vocals are really what separate these tracks from the pack though. Flitting between Burmese and purely improvised vocalisations, these artfully multitracked performances convey urgency, ecstasy and a haunted sense of dislocation. Fans of the Lisa Gerrard school of otherworldy vocal channeling will appreciate what's going on here, but Soe Paing's style is uniquely her own. Closer Behrot is probably the best cut here, its sparseness giving Soe Paing enough breathing space to showcase an intimidating Eartha Kitt-like sexiness that lingers in the imagination. [Mark Shukla]”

“ "Inhabiting the same territory as other big game players such as Memory Tapes, Four Tet and Fever Ray... but also adding something wholly unique...starkly minimal yet lushly layered, eerily haunting yet evocatively sensuous and simplistic in outlook yet complex in execution." ”

“Seriously left-field electronica - I love it - Rob Da Bank would be proud!”

Ally McCrae - BBC Radio 1

“Like watching a snake slowly moving; you’re drawn to it’s movements but wary of it’s venom. ..Really what I’m hearing are hit songs from a decaying future that’s a lot more impressive than where we are in it’s scope. This is the music I hear when reading Neuromancer or Virtual Light.”

“plush donwtempo mood musick, perfect for scoring your next big city survival movie”