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“New Music Review: FEEZARELLI -BEACH CHAIRS & MOONLIGHT First thing first, Feezarelli is an artist that is totally different than what I'm used to hearing and dealing with. His sound, his tone, his flow puts you in the mind frame of Andre 3000 of Outkast . He doesn't flow about the usual topics that most artist seem to glorify these days so this is why I cut for him. Feezarelli is a DARING artist and he doesn't mind creating his OWN kind of music. You either gonna feel it or not. His courage to put out this type of material is refreshing and greatly appreciated. Rule #1 F*** WHAT THEY THINK....”

“Feezy... I really do become a bigger and bigger fan each time I hear your music, bro. You've got a kickass way of taking things that might have been done or said already and totally feezin 'em up and making it your own. Keep it up, my good man!”

Zachary Hunter Calhoun San Diego Ca.

“wow !! Really diggin "Other Side Of The Moon" as well :) Just shared "You So Believe Me" on my Face book page..Hope it brings some traffic your way xoxo”

Jen - Australia

“What a classy exciting artist you are :) Every track awesome !! and brilliant production !!!! My Fave I think is "You So Believe Me"..what a powerhouse song that is !!! and adore your voice !!! Thanks so much for fanning sweetie and all the very best for the New Year ahead..Much Love and respect.. Jen Australia xoxo”

Jen - Australia

“You So Believe Me sounds like a hit Keep doing what u do best”

Swagga Movement

“Great trax! like the vox, the groove is tight! Thank you for sharing your creations.”

Jaki Song - Montreal, QC, CA

“So as an aspiring musician and coming from the same town i know the struggles, your music is very heart felt and up beat, You So Believe Me and Other Side of the Moon, those two songs are very entertaining and inspirational, I would recomend everyone to listen to the music here because its going somewhere in a hurry.”

Taylorro - Linden Mi

“i love em”

Playmaker-8 - Nairobi Kenya

“good dance tune”

Debz - United Kingdom

“Excellent stuff... coming from a fan of Underground music that's a good thing LOL Keep it up :) ”

bigirishjuggalo - Omaha, Nebraska

" Feezarelli does all kinds of music so no matter what mood you are in you have something to listen to."

Jaimie Piazza - San Diego, California

"Feezarelli is new and fresh, has something for everyone. Check it out! "

Unknown - Phoenix, Arizona

"Can't say enough good things about this album and this is the choice cut. Really, this album is totally amazing. Perfect for headphones. "

Beth Ignace - Detroit Michigan