“Kickass tunes here! Your Music, lyrics and Vocals Rock!! Thank you, Kathy=LNL ”

Loud N Loaded Promotions - Anderson, SC

“Damn boys...Bloodwired is simply amazing! Maybe a little too long for ears that are used to hearing short punk rock tunes lol but this is truly a great song. Keep on keepin' on boys!”

The Elixers

“Jon of Promize stopping by to show my support for one of RN's Best!!! ”


“Showing support and enjoying your excellent music. It makes for a superb weekend! 05/06/2012”

Anchorage Alaska

“WOW!!! YOU REALLY ROCK!!! keep it metal, keep it hard, and never give in, never give up. You should really be on top, it amazes me on how the best are the buttom and the jokes are on top!!! but keep Rockn' and keep it metal.”

Selen,Sazuki , Seattle , Wa

“Sills & Smith: Some how "mean ass sound" is not nearly strong enough. This is like a shit storm from Hell being engaged in mortal combat with Godzilla. Not normally my cup of tea, but your brutal energy and verve left me stunned -- in... Oct 09”

Sills & Smith .

“Thank you for the invite. I am enjoying your music. It is cool to see you are doing a bit of a tour around this side of the country. Rock your hearts out! ”

Nathan Noll - Johnson City TN

“End of Days * huge fan of growls & metal * awesome sound! cheers from so. fla & many thx!! ”


“Mean ass sound ...very deep...keep on doing what you love ...very cool :0) ”

ymdemulder - Whangarei, NZ

“Nice jams! Keep it heavy! ”


“Just wanted to thank you all for the kind words and support . it really is appreciated by each one of us . Keep it heavy , and do the damned thing ! ”

Festival Of The Damned

“Oldschool metal is the unlimited source for the inspiration! ”


“killer tunes,i love the vocals,music is heavy and raw,just how i like it,,,, ”


“ I very much enjoyed your music and wish you the best in all that you do ”

Cuban Conection Ent.

“Cool solid Metal right here! ”

Alan Redmond

“Hey! Enjoying your music! Listening to 'Isn't There' Will be back for more xx ”

Penny Jayne Black

“Def a hot band !!! good stuff !! enjoyed !! Pleasure to fan ya back !! thanks for the support an all the best from us Aussies -”

Hillbilly Dix

“Showing support to some of the Great RN artists..Excellent Work!! - ”

Jeff Mercier

“Sick electric sound dark and heavy as hell itself! -”

Aaron PJSV