“Sure, it’s folk music in that they play folk instruments, but their stories are told like Woody Guthrie singing through the vocal chords of Flogging Molly’s Dave King. Their sound effectively yields punk just as much as it does folk.”

“Pub-belting tunes about whiskey, women and mythical men, Folk Hogan should be blasted at volume 11 by every cabby-hatted booze enthusiast in Utah. I loved every minute of this album! Some may say they sound like DeVotchKa or Gogol Bordello, but I’d argue that Moses McKinley’s vocal style is akin to a Danny Elfman‘s operatic style of singing and story-centric songwriting.”

"...folk music players have earned one hell of a reputation as a packed-room band. Granted, the shows aren't getting that out of control, but they've definitely become a band to see live, with singalong numbers and a show filled with an energy that many thrashing metal bands can't even match. "

“The band plays with an intensity that is almost exhausting to watch. Elliott rocked out on his accordion while tossing his shoulder-length blond hair about in a way that would put punk rockers to shame.”

“How long does it take for whiskey to boil in hell? Only Folk Hogan knows.”

“Incorporating instruments such as the accordion and mandolin into their sound, Folk Hogan creates music that at times, makes you feel dizy from the circus-esque sounds ringing in your ears. It's a contagious sound that is nearly impossible to tap your foot to and when listening to the music of Folk Hogan, it makes sense that this band plays wall-to-wall packed shows.”

“…Folk Hogan knows best?!?!”