FM Williams Band / Press

“The final act of Rise Up 2011 was the FM Williams Band. Since its Little League World series time I’d like to make a little comparison. One thing I always felt about indie artists is that they are kind of like these kids playing in the Little League World Series. They go out there on the field and give it their all. There is no money involved, they do it for the love of the game. When I see these indie bands you can really tell they are out their giving it their all for the love of God and are trying to bring his glory to whom ever can hear it. Matt, the lead singer from FM Williams Band is the epitome of artists doing it for the love of Jesus. When a singer gets so emotional just singing a song it really shows how he’s singing for something bigger than himself. Thanks to Matt (FM Williams) for bringing together this great event and sharing the stage with these great performers.”

“Amazing live performance energy and professional sound!”