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“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 27) >> https://www.mixcloud.com/MIDLANDER/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-27/”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Take It Deeper >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-take-it-deeper-forthcoming-on-new-horizons-red-alfa-records”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast With Special Guest DJ Sideffect (Vol 26) >> www.mixcloud.com/MIDLANDER/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-with-special-guest-dj-sideffect-vol-26/”

“Exit Point - Fragile Places >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-fragile-places-free-320”

“Exit Point - I Feel Everything >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-i-feel-everything-free-320”

“Exit Point - Badboy Riddim >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-badboy-riddim-free-320.”

“Fifteen'0'Eight & Exit Point - I Remember (Firestrike Remix) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/fifteen0eight-exit-point-i-remember-firestrike-remixfree-320”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 25) >> www.mixcloud.com/MIDLANDER/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-25/”

“Exit Point - It's A New Day >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-its-a-new-day-free-320.”

“Exit Point - Richness Is Life >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-richness-is-life-free-320”

“Exit Point Guest Mix On Frequency Radio (18.08.2016) >> www.mixcloud.com/gav-westwood/exit-point-guest-mix-on-frequency-radio-18082016/.”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Rowdy Soundboy >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-rowdy-soundboy-forthcoming-on-underground-jungle-red-alfa-records.”

“Exit Point - Educating The Mind >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-educating-your-mind-free-320.”

“Exit Point - The Revolution >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-the-revolution-free-320.”

“Exit Point - Think Deep >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-think-deep-free-320.”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 24) >> http://www.mixcrate.com/ex1tp0int/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-24-10363538”

“Cutty Ranks - Full Blast (Amen Diagnostics Rmx) >> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/cutty-ranks-full-blast-amen-diagnostics-rmxfree-320”

“Exit Point - Educating The Mind >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-educating-your-mind-free-320.”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast With Special Guest Don Mego (Vol 23) >> https://www.house-mixes.com/profile/Exit-Point/play/breaks-bass-beats-podcast-with-special-guest”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point - Original Junglist Sound >> Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point - Original Junglist Sound >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-original-junglist-sound-forthcoming-on-smashing-drum-bass-vol-1-allowance-records.”

“Out Now On Dis Cancer Can Do One Exit Point - Everybodys Coming On Strong>> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-everybodys-coming-on-strong-forthcoming-on-dis-cancer-can-do-one-charity-album”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point - Falling >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-falling-forthcoming-on-spring-break-drum-n-bass-sessions-2016-allowance-records.”

“Amen Diagnostics - Babylon System (Allowance Records) Blogged At Freebreaksblog >> http://freebreaksblog.com/dnb-round-up-19-5-16/.”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Amen Diagnostics - Babylon System >> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-babylon-system-forthcoming-on-allowance-records.”

“Amen Diagnostics - Babylon System Blogged At Strictly Nuskool >> http://strictlynuskool.blogspot.gr/2016/05/arr-083-amen-diagnostics-babylon-system.html.”

“Exit Point 1 Hour Guest Mix for Hush FM >> https://www.house-mixes.com/profile/Exit-Point/play/exit-point-1-hour-guest-mix-for-hush-fm.”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 22) >> https://www.house-mixes.com/profile/Exit-Point/play/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-22.”

“Exit Point - Who Run Tingz (FREE 320) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-who-run-tingz-free-320.”

“Subscribe to Dance-music.org to get Exit Point & Vip Remixes of Rock Ya Soul”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 21)”

“Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul (Vip) (FREE 320)”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point ft Langham - Real High, Real Fast >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-ft-langham-real-high-real-fast-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records”

“Exit Point - Skank In The Dance EP Blogged At Strictly Nuskool >> http://strictlynuskool.blogspot.gr/2016/03/rar0171-exit-point-skank-in-dance-red.html.”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Skank In The Dance >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-skank-in-the-dance-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records.”

“High Potential Records > https://www.facebook.com/groups/1520122394958537/. Jungle, Drum & Bass, Dub & Breaks.”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 20) >> www.house-mixes.com/profile/Exit-Point/play/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-20”

“Exit Point Guest Mix For DJ 3Style On Dream UK >> www.house-mixes.com/profile/Exit-Point/play/exit-point-30-min-guest-mix-for-dj-3style-on”

“Exit Point - Badman Style (Fleck Remix) (FREE 320)”

“Exit Point Guest Mix On Frequency-Radio.co.uk >> www.house-mixes.com/profile/Exit-Point/play/exit-point-guest-mix-on-frequency-radio-12022.”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - This Beat >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-this-beat-forthcoming-on-the-midlands-connection-red-alfa-records”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point - Peace In Dub https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-peace-in-dub-forthcoming-on-allowance-records.”

“Exit Point - Tell Me (FREE 320) https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-tell-me-free-320.”

“Out Now On Unity Breaks Vol 2 Breaks 4 Humanity Exit Point - Heart Of The System https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-heart-of-the-system-forthcoming-on-unity-breaks-vol-2-breaks-4-humanity”

“Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul (Tony Jungle Remix) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-rock-ya-soul-tony-jungle-rmxfree-320 Also 5 Remixes In Subscribe Tab By Apollo, Gareth Monks​, Shotty Undefined​, Jonny 5, Rig Slutz.”

“Exit Point & Friends Vol 2 Blogged At Strictly NuSkool”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point & Fifteen "0" Eight - I Remember https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/fifteen0eight-exit-point-i-remember-forthcoming-on-life-beats-n-bass-allowance-records”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point - The DJ >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-the-dj-forthcoming-on-life-beats-n-bass-allowance-records .”

“The Midland Connection Supported By Digitally Mashed On The Yardrock Junglist Foundation show of the year 17-12-15 on Planet Rave & NuJungle without me babbling ft 3 seperate live mixes of 3 forthcoming LP's out over the festive season ... 1 an exclusive mix of Red Alfa Records - Midlands Connection LP ... 2 a mix of Anti Social Records - Unbreakable LP ... 3 a mix of Eatbrain - Mirror Universe 2 LP ... Plus some of this weeks dubs ... have a listen or download and enjoy and feel free to pass on the link to friends or anyone else you think may like the show Red Alfa Records - Midlands Connection LP Live Mini Mix DJ Suspense - Seen Exit Point - This Beat Sniper - Wol On Distrax - I Feel The Friction Supremacy - Gang War Nexsuz - Phosphorus Jami Rant - Dead Man Stance Babylon 3 - Mace Samhain - Stomped”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Murder On The Mic https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-murder-on-the-mic-forthcoming-on-fusion-drum-n-bass-red-alfa-records .”

“Out Now On Bluebeck Records >> Exit Point - Flashback https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-flashback-forthcoming-on-bluebeck-records”

“Out Now On Allowance Records Exit Point & Friends Vol 2 >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-friends-vol-2-preview-mix-forthcoming-on-allowance-records”

“Exit Point ft Langham - Real High, Real Fast (FREE 320)”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-mass-produced-forthcoming-on-haloween-massacre-red-alfa-records”

“Exit Point - Skank In The Dance >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-skank-in-the-dance-free-320”

“Out Now On Dark Til Dawn Records > Slekta - Rewind To 95 (Exit Point Remix)”

“Out Now Exit Point & Friends Vol 1 Preview Mix 1 & 2. Preview Mix 1 >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-friends-vol-1-prewiew-mix1 Preview Mix 2 >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-friends-vol-1-prewiew-mix2”

“Exit Point & Friends Vol 1 Reviewed At Strictly Nuskool Blog >> http://strictlynuskool.blogspot.co.uk/2015/08/arr042-exit-point-on-available-to.html?m=0”

“Exit Point - Ghetto Youth >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-ghetto-youth-free-320”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Dark Matter >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-dark-matter-forthcoming-on-sub-bass-rave-warehouse-jungle-red-alfa-records”

“Exit Point Breaks, Bass & Beats Podcast (Vol 13) >> www.house-mixes.com/profile/exit-point/play/exit-point-breaks-bass-beats-podcast-vol-13”

“Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul Remix Entrants By Pursuit​, Gareth Monks​, Wislov​. Plus Exit Point - Shock Out Babylon >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-shock-out-babylon-free-320 . http://strictlynuskool.blogspot.co.uk/2015/07/july-2015-freebies.html”

“Exit Point - Shock Out Babylon >>> soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-shock-out-babylon-free-320”

“Jynx - Rabbit Hole (Exit Point Rmx) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/jynx-rabbit-hole-exit-point-rmxfree-320”

“Exit Point & Friends Vol 1 Preview Mix2 >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-friends-vol-1-prewiew-mix2”

“Exit Point & Friends Vol 1 Preview Mix1 >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-friends-vol-1-prewiew-mix1”

“Exit Point & Friends Vol 1 Preview Mix >> www.house-mixes.com/profile/exit-point/play/exit-point-friends-vol-1-preview-mix”

“Amen Diagnostics - Specified >> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-specified-free-320”

“Exit Point - City Lights >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-city-lights-free-320”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Exit Point - Tell Me >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-tell-me-out-now-on-rancid-records”

“Spyral ft Beatarythmia - Tough Love (Exit Point Rmx) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/spyral-ft-beatarythmia-tough-love-exit-point-rmxfree-320”

“Out Now Exit Point - Free World EP >> http://dance-music.org/cgi-bin/free-mp3-music-downloads.pl?search=Exit%20Point%20-%20Lift%20Me%20Up&artist=26&album=179”

“Exit Point - Too Bless >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-too-bless-free-320”

“Amen Diagnostics - 6 Million Daze (Amen Diagnostics Vip) >> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-6-million-daze-amen-diagnostics-vip-free-320”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Exit Point - Our Time In The Past >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-our-time-in-the-past-forthcoming-on-full-throttle-rancid-records”

“Cutty Ranks - Full Blast (Exit Point Rmx) FREE 320 >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/cutty-ranks-full-blast-exit-point-rmx-free-320”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-no-matter-what-forthcoming-on-forbidden-jungle-red-alfa-records”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Exit Point - Rhythm Inside >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-rhythm-inside-forthcoming-on-digital-soldiers-rancid-records”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Dance The Night Away >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-dance-the-night-away-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Exit Point - Come With Me >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-come-with-me-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records”

“Out Now On Rancid Records, Gold Edition Vol 1 Exit Point - Lets Dance >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-lets-dance-forthcoming-on-rancid-records-gold-edition”

“Exit Point - Get On The Dancefloor >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-get-on-the-dancefloor-free-320”

“Check Out Amen Diagnostics For FREE Downloads, Past, Present & Future Releases >> https://www.facebook.com/pages/Amen-Diagnostics/722139571158501 @ https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Exit Point - Gal Dem>> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-gal-dem-forthcoming-on-rancid-records-pathway-to-the-jungle-2”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Distrax - Getting Deep (Exit Point Rmx) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/distrax-getting-deep-exit-point-rmx-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-vs-bluebeck-records”

“Out Now Exit Point - Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Part 2) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-everybodys-talkin-about-the-good-ol-dayz-part-2-release-date-14th-feb-2015”

“Amen Diagnostics - Deep In Your Soul >> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-deep-in-your-soul-free-320”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Xmplfy - As The Sun Goes Down (Exit Pint Rmx) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/xmplfy-when-the-sun-goes-down-exit-points-rmx-forthcoming-on-rancid-records”

“Exit Point - Give Us Jazz (Effekttz Rmx) >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-give-us-jazz-effekttz-rmxfree-320”

“Out Now On Ravenoyz Recordings Exit Point - Wanna Get Down >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-wanna-get-down-ravenoyz-recordings”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Exit Point - Jah Crew >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-jah-crew-forthcoming-on-rancid-records-vol-10”

“Exit Point - Unit In Unity >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-unit-in-unity-free-320”

“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Distrax - Who Will Save You Now (Exit Point Rmx)» https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/distrax-who-will-save-you-now-exit-point-rmx-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records”

“Exit Point - Give Us Jazz (FREE 320)>> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-give-us-jazz-free-320”

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“Out Now On Red Alfa Records Red Alfa - Artificial Intelliegence (Exit Point Rmx) » soundcloud.com/exit-point2/red-alfa-artificial-intelligence-exit-point-rmx-forthcoming-on-red-alfa-records”

“Out Now On Rancid Records Amen Diagnostics - Face Off (Original & Remixes)>> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-face-off-forthcoming-on-rancid-records”

“Exit Point - Yesterday As Gone >> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-yesterday-as-gone-free-320”

“Exit Point - Everybody @ https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-everybody-forthcoming-on-beats-for-gaza-charity-compilation-lp Beats For Gaza is an independent project featuring a collective of artists who have contributed their music to a non profit compilation album, the proceeds will go 100% to Oxfam's Gaza Crisis appeal. This is a non political and humanitarian project to raise much needed funds for replacing destroyed homes and hospitals and providing safe clean water to the people of Gaza. Over the 2 Volumes of this album you will find a multitude of different genres from within the EDM/Dance Music spectrum. Gaza Crisis Appeal: https://donate.oxfam.org.uk/emergency/gaza Beats For Gaza Vol 1 & 2: http://www.funklabs.com/artists/beats-for-gaza/”

“Amen Diagnostics - Strike Up (FREE 320) >> https://soundcloud.com/amen-diagnostics/amen-diagnostics-strike-up-free-320”

“Out Now On Headrush Dnb, Think Pink Bow, Rancid Records »https://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-time-to-shine”

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“Exit Point Guest Mix for Midwest Junglism”

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“Amen Diagnostics ft Ragga Twins - Killin It”

“Exit Point Jungle Breaks Remix For 2Brainz Of Bubble Machine”

“Amen Diagnostics are 2 Producers from the North & South of the UK Who make Jungle, Drum & Bass, Breaks & Experimental Music”

“Here are all Strictly Nuskool Blog releases so far... Big up to all producers involved - all radio djs - label managers and SNB crew of course!! Share the links and show your support to the producers! NURAVE ALIVE! ★SNBEP001:: Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. DJ Mark C [free DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/9lv3269j4a4jb6a/SNBEP001-Strictly+Nuskool+Blog+presents+DJ+MARK+C%282013%29.rar] ★SNBEP002:: Strictly Nuskool Blog pres. dj pursuit [free DL: https://www.mediafire.com/?d8oye2miomgx60e] ★SNBEP003:: DJWISLOV 'Back to The OldSkool EP' [free DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/x163amwyfzhbi0o/SNBEP003-DJ+Wislov+-+Back+To+The+Oldskool+EP+%282013%29.rar] ★SNBEP004:: Champion Breaks 'Acid Power EP' [free DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/d8s8dq51vp761dt/CHAMPION_BREAKS_ACID_POWER_EP__Strictly_Nu_Skool_Blog.rar] ★SNBEP005:: Exit Point 'Winter Warmers EP' [free DL: http://www.mediafire.com/download/3ddd31a368seqiw/Exit_Point-Winter_Warmers_EP-2013%5BSNB_FREE_EP%5D.rar] ”

“Out Now On Kode 5 Recordings Exit Point - Rock Ya Soul http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-rock-ya-soul”

“Out Now Exit Point Collaboration E.P. Series (Vol 1) http://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-collaboration-e-p Exit Point Collaboration E.P. Series (Vol 1) Bandcamp >> https://exitpoint.bandcamp.com/album/exit-points-collaboration-e-p-series-vol-1”

“Out Now On Rancid Records http://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-mi-gal-forthcoming”

“Join My Fan Page For Latest Forthcoming Releases, Free Downloads & Forthcoming Guests On My Breaks, Bass & Beats Radio Show: https://www.facebook.com/groups/521362734651136/?bookmark_t=group”

“Exit Point - Everybody's Talkin About (The Good Ol Dayz) (Exit Point's vip) FREE E.P. @ Bandcamp >> http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-everybodys-talkin-1”

“Out Now On Strictly Nuskool Vol 1 >>> https://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-somebody”

“Out Now On Unity Breaks >> http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-people-come-on A collection of multi genre tracks from 140 Rave to Drum & Bass, procceds will go to http://www.38degrees.org.uk/ to support their campaigns for social justice and protection and preservation of the environment”

“Out Now On Kamikaze Records http://www.junodownload.com/products/exit-point-bad-man-style-remix/2299993-02/ http://download.breakbeat.co.uk//lpsepsartists/exitpoint/badmanstyleremix.aspx http://www.juno.co.uk/products/exit-point-bad-man-style-remix/2299993-02/ Plus FREE Jungle & Future Jungle Dubs Here >> 4"Future Jungle" BANGERS For Ya Ears From Breakz, Fleck, Tjamil & Kinetic Eon Remixes Of Exit Point - Badman Style E.P. Part 1 >> http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/sets/exit-point-badman-style-e-p-1 , 4"Jungle" BANGERS For Ya Ears From ScattyOne, New Koncept, Jonny 5, Jah Future Remixes Of Exit Point - Badman Style E.P. Part 2 http://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/sets/exit-point-badman-style-e-p/”

“Out Now "Exit Point's Winter Warmers E.P" On Strictly Nuskool Blog: 3 Track E.P. FREE Download Link In Buy Tab http://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-one-religion-jah http://soundcloud.com/exit-point2/exit-point-mr-dj-forthcoming http://soundcloud.com/exit-point/exit-point-sweet-babe”

“FREE Jungle/Drum & Bass, Dubstep & Hardcore Breaks Downloads All In 320mp3 @ http://www.soundcloud.com/exit-point2 @ http://www.soundcloud.com/Exit-Point”