Esh the Singer / Press

“Chicago glam rocker Esh is a woman out of time. Harkening back to the long-gone days when fire-breathing monsters like Led Zeppelin and Heart walked the land, Esh's debut EP You Should Know Me kicks ass and never apologizes.”

“With the band’s cover of the Stones’ classic “Paint it Black,” the tune’s distinctive Indian melody was swapped for a voodoo rattle and stomp, Esh singing as though she was the spirit calling out a response from behind the song’s red door. Near the end, Esh disappeared off stage and left Jaffe, bassist Terence Lee and drummer Brandon Tigner to create a swirling jam that lasted several minutes. The Indian flavor, oddly enough, appeared on original “I’m Doing Fine,” albeit in a more subtle manner. The highlight of the set, Esh bellowed like a cornered wolf as the heavy hitting drums and ominous bass churned around her. ”

“Her very presence on area rock stages has shaken notions of what a black woman can do in the subgenre dominated by white men.”

“The highlight of this set was her steamy ...smoldering hot version of Led Zeppelin's Kashmir. A Zeppelin fan like SouthSide hasn't lived and breathed in this classic rock epic until seen it performed by Esh ...she totally owned this song adding such fire and passion into the lyrics and vocals. It's hard to describe Esh's body movements and facial expressions unless you were there basking in the opulent Kashmir glow.”

“Her music has all the flair of the ’80s (think Bad Animals-era Heart), some of the grunge of the ’90s (think early Alanis Morissette), and a brash and contemporary attitude that seems custom-made for the post-Idol musical landscape.”

“The alternative rocker, who draws comparisons to overlooked national recording artist Res, is more likely to cover the Cranberries' hit "Zombie" than Beyoncé's "Single Ladies." ”

“You may remember Iesha Sturdivant from FOX6 WakeUp's Milwaukee Idol. That experience gave her the courage to try out for the real show, and ultimately the chance to perform in from of J-Lo, Steven Tyler, and Randy. ”

“The latest installment of R&B LIVE will take place on Sunday, with more than 10 local female vocalists including Yetunde Bronson, Alesia Nicole, Iberia and a featured performer, Chicago alt-soul singer Esh. ”

“The ten-piece lineup draws from a handful of groove-centered outfits, including Chicago’s gorgeous alt-rocker Esh The Singer”

“Part of our ace-in the-hole is Esh, our vocalist – we can solo, rock, vibe and dance…and then have you blown away by her. That helps us stand out in such a diverse genre”