encephalon / Press

“The digital soundtrack (Necromentia) features full-length suites like “The Claw” that are very much like mini-operatic movies in themselves.”

“My highlight of the first disc (Advanced Electronics 8) is ‘Daylight’ by Canadian ENCEPHALON ...‘Daylight’ is a perfect example of a sophisticated electro track with good, lyrics and vocals while retaining a danceable theme throughout.”

“Encephalon offers up my favorite track on the album ("Daylight"), an energetic synthpop-electro tune that reminds of State of the Union or Colony 5 (but with more vocal kick).”

“This years installement has great diversity and offer both new music from rising stars like Encephalon or Ghost&Writer but also from more well-known acts like Mesh, KMFDM and Edge Of Dawn”

“ENCEPHALON are among those musical pearls that still carve out a niche existence for their refusal of swimming with the main stream. If you listen to one of their songs, feel the raw and unpolished emotional content contained within the lyrics and vocals, as well as the detailed structuring they come up with every time you can only shake your head about that fact. 'The Killing Horizon' is another revelation and shouldn't be missed.”