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"The X Factor" premiered its second season Wednesday evening, and one group of singers really stood out above the rest. L.A. Reid, Simon Cowell, Britney Spears and Demi Lovato were all in awe after one performance, and its definitely a group you'll want to keep an eye out for. So, who had the crowd standing up and dancing and all four judges saying 'yes?' Emblem3!

“L.A. told the group, “I don’t like you, I love you.” Britney Spears told them they were funky and smooth. Demi Lovato began to flirt with the group, telling them they were cute. Some banter with Simon Cowell ensued about her crush. Simon followed with some high praise, telling them he loved the audition from start to finish and predicted, “big things for you guys going forward.” Four yeses followed for the young group.”

“Best performance: A teenage male trio sang an original reggae-tinged hip-hop song that got a standing ovation from almost everyone in the audience. I could tell that Cowell wanted to sign the group to a record deal right then and there.”

“I was given the go ahead to find a band, who was up for an award, that appealed to me – these guys are it. Sure there have been bands with a similar sound in the past but these guys do it right. Their hooks are perfect especially in their song “Sunset Blvd” that I’ve been humming for the past couple weeks. ”

"Emblem 3 named the winner of the Rock N Road OC's 4th Battle of the Bands...They're catchy."

"Emblem's fusion of rhythm and rhyme make this Long Beach band the new heir to the Sublime throne."

"Frontman Wes Stromberg displayed lightening-fast fingers-his guitar licks compare to a young Eddie Van Halen, fans said. The Sequim based crowd pleasers showed just how sizzling hot they can be."

Karen Griffiths - Sequim This Week

"Sequim teen rock band gives a benefit performance during Music Aid Northwest at the Upstage in Port Townsend for Music Matters, a nonprofit organization founded to keep music in schools." (with Alan White, legendary drummer of Yes)

"Students and filmmakers of "The Day Dreamer" - Ted McColl, Jack McColl and Wes Stromberg were second place winneres at the Sequim Education Foundation 2008 Student Film Festival April 18." (pictured for Original Song "Shine On")

"They were one of the best bands they've heard of their age group in a long time."-Ashley Oden, reporter "We are scholars of rock music, we're American and we're free. We are the American Scholars." Wes Stromberg, frontman

"Teen heartthrobs American Scholars features frontman Wes Stromberg and bassist Keaton Stromberg...At first glance, they just look kind of cute, but they sounded great, too."

Karen Griffiths - Sequim This Week

"A&R connections selected the Sequim band from hundreds of hopefuls to appear in a showcase of young talent tonight at Studio Seven, a south Seattle rock club." (pictured with The American Scholars)