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“EDM Nightlife: Tell us about your weirdest gig. Something that you remember as real cool, or just weird. DJ EMBEX: North Carolina. Frat party. I’m talking lesbians fighting everywhere while I’m playing D-Jahsta and there was a unicorn girl licking my hands repeatedly until she cut her tongue on my ring and had me kicked out. Read more at: http://www.edmnightlife.com/interview-with-dj-embex/ | EDM Nightlife”

“So I’m sure you guys have never heard of DJ Embex, but he is this kid out of Newark, New Jersey who makes dubstep, and oh my god, he is on point with his music. I really do enjoy a lot of his work but by far my favorite track of his, is Fear The Kantus. His soundcloud is relatively unknown, but I’m sure you guys will go check him out after you read this. He does a lot of shows so I’m sure he is better known in the New Jersey area, but he deserves some national attention. So back to Fear The Kantus, it is a hybrid of dubstep called “deathstep” and as you may have guess by its name, it is very dirty dubstep, with a very good beat. He makes frequent use of vocal samples in his tracks, and this is no exception, the drop to this song is very dirty and puts your subwoofer to work, which I enjoy very much in dubstep. I really enjoy the track and i hope you guys do too, it isn’t for everyone but I’m sure you’ll grow a liking to it if you give it a chance!”

“What is the main reason you create music? to keep them out of my head,through my ears, and back into my head. i dont see my style as a new style, a medicore, or too amature style just My style that i like. heavy bass and melodic synths but im no wolfgang gartner i just try to fit in the group of "edm musicians" but in reality i just wanna make a tune i can dance to all the time everytime its played.”

“A little about myself im what you call an open arms guy and dont mind for being stepped on because life happens so i move on .thats what i see when i produce and when i dj i feel l get the feeling to spread that feeling of not being bothered by the little things that ruin our everyday lifes. ive been at it since i was 13 and it runs in my family hailing from my dad who was a dj and my mom who was a dancer. ive already toured the entire east coast on my own budget just to have fun but at the same time spread knoledge and music because i believe a dream can be a achieved with alittle help.”

Max "grime boss" Loveheart - Dj embex