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"Local authors El'Ja Bowens, Law Bullock and Ed "Spiritwolf" Owens will be on hand for a special book signing."

“Local artist LeJuane "El'Ja" Bowens will hold a creative writing and poetry workshop at Headquarters Library on April 17 from 3 to 5 p.m. This is the place to discover the many different styles of poetry. You will learn about the three main types of poetry”

"Hope Mills: Unplugged gives you talent in its rawest form," said Bowens. "There are no mics, no amps. Just the people, the words, and the heart of the performer."

"When you're bringing up topics that might be controversial, you have to lay the groundwork for respect," he said. "It boils down to the art of conversation - that's how we're going to get back to a place where we can sit down and talk face to face."

" DO YOUR WORST...Literally. The Worst Poem Slam at the Sweet Palette is showing off the good, the bad and the ugly of spoken word — minus the good"

"If they don't shy away from a fight... Come to VerseUs for the poetry; stay for the open debate..."

"Bowens said he has attended Art Attack since it began, and he has seen many friendships and collaborations form as a result. "

“This weekend is the third year of the Southeast Regional North Carolina Poetry Slam”

“Other performers include The Fayetteville Police band Roll'RZ, a variety band comprised of active and reserve officers;Payton Lynn, a 15-year-old Nashville-based country singer,and El'Ja, a Fayetteville veteran who performs spoken word and hip-hop artist.”

“The family dynamic was key in “taking it all in and not getting mad at each other,” El'Ja said, but even with the edge that good team chemistry brings, a victory in a slam is not secured.”

“Cameron Art Museum slammed by poetry jam”

“The team consists of Massenburg and poets Brandon “Ishine” Evans, Eric “Lyrically Blessed” Thompson, Lejuane “El’Ja” Bowens, and Micah Romans. Massenburg is the founder and coach of the team.”

“Bull City Slam Team Wins Southern Fried Poetry Slam”

"The underground art community in Fayetteville, the rebels and the rejects…musicians of all genes, DJ’s, poets, photographers, actors, directors, videographers and artists in all mediums are starting to band together in an effort to create a New Fayetteville"

“The featured performer El'Ja had a few fans in the building, as he sparked through about 6-7 poems that detailed his personal life, as well as showed his comedic side.”

“Fayetteville Fire poet LeJuane “El Ja” Bowens has a simple message that cuts to the core of the form for audiences and poets alike. “(You'll hear) Poems dealing with stories of truth, along with humor, pain, and joy,” he said.”

“First, we have one of the groups co-coaches El’Ja Bowens who has done alot of traveling doing poetry including the Southern Fried Poetry Slam”

“I loved EVERY song on "Present & Accounted For".But,my favorite was "Numbers of Zion".Thank you for using the gift God gave you.Stay blessed my friend”

“For anyone looking for great poetic lyrics, our local scene features El'Ja, who just released his album 'Present & Accounted For'. I just finished listening to it, and it is outstanding. Please have yourself a listen and develop an appreciation for one of Eastern NC's flourishing talents. My fave tracks: 'Random Thoughts', 'Home', 'P.T.S.D.', and the one that rings well to my ears every time, 'Manifested Destiny'...”

“Spoken word artist El’Ja Bowens is back with his newest project “Present and Accounted For”. Listen to some amazing thoughts written in the language of spoken word! This is a “MrBugz Recommendation” and is a must have for the holiday season!!!”

“Special guest host El'Ja will be lending his antics to the night of open mic poetry and musical celebration”

“As part of River Fest in Wilmington this year, there will be a poetry showcase featuring performance/slam poets El’ja and Enfinite with a special performance by One Tough Poet and an open mic showcase”

“For years, local poet El'Ja Bowens has expressed himself through art, especially spoken word poetry. But his latest project, "No Words, Vol. 1," may be the first time he's ever expressed his artistic intent solely through the sounds of music. The record uses little to no words, but embraces musical production instead.”

“El'Ja has a nice style and approach, and its evident that he can handle himself well on a song.”

Darnell Hodges:A&R Consultant & CEO of DLHPromo.com - DLHPromo.com

“Keeping it Sexy:Scribbles to Scribes Publishing announces the much anticipated book Sexy Ass Poetry ”

“We also will be joined by LeJuane El'Ja Bowens who is a spoken word artist/author and poet. He will be talking about his amazing career.”

“From what I heard,this is DEFINITELY worth the purchase.From the beginning to the end,this Spoken Word album mixes poetry with elements of Neo-Soul and Hip-Hop.Don't sleep on this album......”

“Fayetteville slam poet LeJuane “El’Ja” Bowens will perform his spoken word at the step show on Friday.”

“Just Dancing: Dancers express themselves through krumping, a style that is becoming more into the Mainstream”

“El’Ja finds that Poetry-N-Motion acts as a sanctuary for poets and lyrical artists, stating that “it is a blessing that individuals are able to express their souls and creativity.””

“I purchased this book to use with a poetry unit for my high school students. They absolutely loved the poems, especially "My Shorty" and "Why I Write". The collection includes poems such as haiku's, rhymed & free verse. The author writes in a reader friendly style without compromising substance for form. I highly recommend this book as an addition to any poet's library and every teacher's collection of educational resources. I loved it.”

“In the end, the 27-year-old El-Ja won over the judges and took home the Bottega Soul Slam (it was winner-takes-all)”

“Tonight we have Poet/Author LeJuane Bowens. Hes the author of the newly released book "So Many Things To Say".”

“Collected Review on the Poetry Book, So Many Things to Say ”

“So Many Things to Say" is the fantastic new novel by Fayetteville NC's own Mr. LeJuane Bowens.”

“Lejuane Bowens steps to the plate and delivers a home run with his new book "So Many Things To Say:A Collection Of Poems."”

"LeJuane Bowens of Fayetteville published a book of poetry through AuthorHouse. Bowens writes that the collection covers “many things from the aspects of life, love, lust, adultery, betrayal, war, crime, religion and rediscovery.”"