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“Ed Tang & The Chops full length album “Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner” sounds like a mix of Deer Tick and My Morning Jacket with some solid honky tonk flavoring.”

“... an insightful artist filled with the experiences of impressive living, and a troubadour that knows how to get that passion onto a record. There are probably 10 CDs a year that stay with me for the duration, and this is one of those.”

“EdTang & The Chops are on a mission to entertain and enlighten fans the world over with both a carpe diem and carpe noctem mentality.”

“This album is raw, emotional, and stretches the boundaries of emotions, and with such a true voice by Tang, the band behind him knows exactly how to move his lyrics and vocals forward. I would recommend this album to anyone with an appreciation for unpolished vocals and fantastic story-telling.”

“In a day where record producers make more stars than they discover, someone needs to find these guys a major record contract.”

“The song (Vaya) itself is a perfect goodbye letter to the summer season.”

“The soloist is everything great about the likes of Chuck Ragan screaming in your face, Tim Barry lamenting of a long night on an East Brunswick sofa, and musical payments of homage to Sailor Jerry by Asbury’s own Chris Brown.”

“If you're a fan of The Pogues, Frank Turner or Chuck Ragan, you're going to want to check out Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner.”

“EdTang & the Chops sound similar to folk icon Bob Dylan with “gritty” vocals and “rustic” acoustic folk rock melodies... a fantastic independent folk rock band with brilliant musicianship... This collection of music is folk rock at its finest.”

“Wow! At first I thought I had put on a new Pogues album! Ed Tang has the phrasing, loopy style, and grit that the Pogues are known for, yet he’s as original as the come...”

“Great stories, real emotion, and fantastic instrumental contributions make Goodbye, Zen5, Sushi Dinner one hell of an album from this Asbury Park outfit. The familiar themes make it relatable and the honesty gains your respect.”

“Clearly, everything has all come together on this record: production, lyrics, vocals, instrumentation, and just great songs... This is not an album to miss.”

“EdTang & The Chops’ single, “Pualei” is a somber, beautiful, and modern country folk ballad... As simple as this song may sound, it falls into the classic category of a storytelling tale that will be carried on through generations.”

“...toe tapping and the lyrics and songwriting skills are top notch...a band you should keep on your radar.”

“Boozy Bluesy Appalachia infused country with an almost punk rock attitude giving it much more in common with Ryan Adams than mainstream college radio faves like Mumford and Sons.”

“Folk music doesn’t come much better than this. It’s a nice medley of songs; songs that will stick around in your head...”

“...this will appeal to fans of alt Americana who have more rock leanings like Ryan Adams or even Hot Water Music.”

“While the story in this song is personal, I am sure many of you out there have a story that runs along the same lines; I know I do. And for those who recognize that story, this song will touch you.”

“...a passionate and beautiful artist who is hard to stop listening to. A band who could quite possibly save contemporary mainstream music...”

“The minute you turn on EdTang & The Chops, you will find yourself in the middle of a folk journey that is a storybook.”

“EdTang & The Chops create a sound fitting for somber moonlit drives and beer and bar-filled nights.”

“A laid-back soundtrack is complimented by a whisky soaked and cigarette smokers vocal, which gives the material a scintillating edge that captures the ears immediately on hitting play... Classic storytelling combines with mood fitting compositions to generate music which not only captures the listener but gets them involved.”

“His lyrics are clear and raw, and you'll find yourself singing along to the numerous chorus hooks.”

“I can honestly say that this is an album in which you can hear clearly the influences it boasts. It builds from the classical to the more modern gradually from track to track like a great action film and then blows you away by the end but never forgets its pastoral roots.”