Ebony Ann Blaze / Press

"I like her without even knowing her. With a smile like that, it's hard not to. She seems so unassuming. I wish her the best."

"Listening in on Chicago blue was something like witnessing an Aretha Franklin pre-fame jam. You can almost smell the cigar smoke in the air when ‘Chicago Blue’ resurrects a barn yard bar, sleek black dress and a pearly necklace vibing."

“ENGLISH TRANSLATION: The trifecta, so named by Ebony Ann Blaze, is the trinity of soul, gospel and hip-hop, which sharpened her musical sense. Trained in classical and jazz voice which she now uses in a skillfully-arranged number called "Chicago Blue." Wali Ali, who had been responsible for the Temptations or Teena Marie for Hi-Lites on guitar, provides the perfect accompaniment, and we're curious what Ebony Ann will give us next.”