“my likes on Reverb is not working I mostly get the same words from people"ur music is Far out"+very Trippy weird Isn't that what music is all about to get trippy ?take u somewhere else for a few minutes ,I think so myself if u don't hear all my songs U won't get me +where I'm coming from which is deep space or another planet ,PLanet Claire I think!! "I feel like i am in the middle of an alien abduction" listening to the song " lights in the sky" the song " I am Edgemour reminds me of a wild acid trip i once had wild stuff" "Crazy music man!" all these are different descriptions of fellow Reverbnation bands I haven't been written up in any official newespapers or music mags , just My fellow reverbnation fans my reverb friends are the critics that I value most! Musicians critique the best because we are musicians ! we know what goes into a song the time the efffort , like "I say reording music is like painting with sound a mix a blend of instruments to create a beautiful piece of Art”

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