Dwain Brown / Press

"The highlight of the CD comes at it's very end, and it's worth the wait. Featuring 'Triple Threat, MC Fun, Shabba D, D Double E, Skibadee, Bruza, MC Melo-D, Hitman Hyper, and Raga Twins, the Terror Danjah produced 'Creepy Crawler (Reckless Soldier)' is immense! The tempo's headrush and the energy's a blast"

Tee - rapnews.co.uk

"Triple Threat’s name has been bandied about for a while now and it’s about time the spotlight shone a little brighter. The lyrically tight Triple is not afraid to sing the odd hook, but he’s far better when dispensing bars at just above the speed limit; check the similes wrapped inside metaphors soaked in comical"

Danny Walker - RWD Magazine