Duncan Kamakana / Press

“When you’ve got it, you’ve got it, and local singer-songwriter Duncan Kamakanaonakuahiwi Osorio has it — undeniable musical talent. Thanks to Kamakana’s (his stage name) performance during blind auditions on NBC’s “The Voice” this week, he’ll be able to share that talent with the nation. Nonstop Honolulu will be following the show, which airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 7 p.m. on NBC, and providing you with #TeamDuncan updates.”

“These are anxious times for singer Duncan Kama­kanaonakuahiwi Osorio, sweating it out as he awaits possible exposure on NBC's "The Voice," where he'll be using the name Duncan Kamakana. He auditioned. And he's still waiting, waiting, waiting for an on-camera op. The son of veteran entertainer/Hawaiian scholar Jon Osorio, of the former Jon and Randy duo from yesteryear, Osorio is the likable strummer-performer on those Burger King Whopper commercials, a rewrite of Sean Na‘auao's "Fish and Poi" hit.Club-hoppers might have encountered Osorio in gigs at The M, Bambu II and the beach cafe at Queen's Surf. But he's eager to add "The Voice" to his portfolio. Patience is a virtue, he's learned. If not last week, perhaps this week? Or next? Waiting is punishingly cruel.”

“Kamakana's rendition of Michael Bublé’s “Home” impressed Levine, a winning coach from the show’s first season who is also the frontman for the rock/pop band Maroon 5. Kamakana is now part of what will be a 12-person team, once the blind auditions conclude next week.”

"Osorio has reappeared at several Honolulu venues, including Bamboo Two Café and the Hukilau, wielding his trusty acoustic guitar and belting out those smooth, lower-register notes the ladies absolutely swoon over. More importantly, his existence is being acknowledged beyond the confines of these clubs, thanks in large part to his “Hungry Guy” appearance in Burger King’s latest TV commercial. Yes, that’s him sporting the Jason Mraz-like Fedora and singing a lyrically altered version of the Sean Naauao classic Fish and Poi...."

““In September, Osorio was contacted by the Core808 production team and Soundscape Studios to record an album, and Abreu jumped on board...This year, they have made it official with a group name, Pure N8ive, and a debut R&B-flavored single, As Close As This.””