Deirdre Gaddis / Press

"I think I found a female with something to say in the soulshine..."

"The essence of Life in the Key of Dei comes through Gaddis’ earnest observation of everyday situations and relationships, backed by her elastic voice that ranges from coy to explosive. Even though the aforementioned are the cuts that might be the most attractive to adult contemporary radio stations, do not overlook the full body of work on Life in the Key of Dei in heading to the ‘great escape.’"

"Vocally, Deirdre Gaddis has superb control over her instrument. Her gospel, R&B soul inspired voice calls to mind Jill Scott. Her sense of dynamics is also excellent, and as the song progresses she kicks the vocals up a notch letting loose with beautifully executed vocals that are at once exuberant, bombastic that seem to verge on the edge of loosing control while never compromising quality. This is the mark of a good artist, one who makes letting loose and letting go look easy, always balancing unabashed freeness with a tight mastery of craft."