Decivilize / Press

“Decivilize have successfully released an album that will make you lose your shit to raw, primal metal. Their sound is very much like Fear Factory, DevilDriver, and Static-X; a very rusted, mechanical, industrial feel (not in a bad way). Decivilize is vicious, unforgiving, and undoubtedly brutal and hits you hard, right square in the face from the moment the first track begins to play.”

“Who wants to be civilized all the time, and what the hell does that mean anyway? Decivilize come to us from Appleton, Wisconsin and is one of the heavier bands that Pavement Entertainment Inc. has brought onto their roster; and I say “Fuck yeah! These guys rip!” There self-titled album brings to us 11 songs of Pure Metal my friends! It is packed full to the brim with brutal riffs and kick ass guitar solos with bass and drums riffs that are sure to keep that head whipping back and forth with fury! This album is aggressive and angsty with powerhouse vocals to top off this metal masterpiece! Who is Decivilize? Glad you asked! Formed from seasoned veterans of the Midwest music scene, Decivilize is comprised of: Kurt on the Mic, Tim on the Guitar, CJ on the Bass, and Thor on the Drums; bringing us a truly magnificent metal masterpiece that is perfect for getting out all that frustration and pent up aggression this fucked up world seems to be shoveling a”

“Arriving September 30th is the self-titled debut album from the Wisconsin hardcore metal band Decivilize. Their new eleven-song release begins with the machine-gun drumming of "So Shallow, So Shall I" as the growling vocals demand your attention. They deliver a progressive metal sound with "Top Of The World" as they mix together the different melodies of the song perfectly. They pick up the intensity with the quick pace of "One Soul For Sale" and hit hard on the pounding rhythm of "Choker Chain." The album closes with the Pantera-like roar of "Fake Smile" and the orchestrated mainstream metal ballad "Forever." To find out more about Decivilize and their new self-titled debut album, please visit their Facebook page at facebook.com/Decivilize.”

“Decivilize is a band that will soon be crushing skulls all over the world with their brand of american metal. They have released two songs for a free download to tease the masses as they are busy recording their debut album that is set to be released in late December 2013. Once you download the songs and press play, the device for which you listen to the songs will never be the same. Decivilize is full of aggression and are set to take over the metal scene.”