Dead Broke Entertainment / Press

“The show last night was amazing !!! all the performances were great! It was a good time before the police decided to make an unexpected visit ! But All in all it was a good night! Shoutout to the ppl that made it worth while Wake N' Bake and Brenden Worden [Dead Broke Entertainment] great job guys keep doing your thing your gonna be HUGE one day!”

“Pretty nice track, your flow is good and I liked the hook. I think this song is marketable, not too much bad I can say for what it is. It fits, not really my type of track, but this does well on it's own. It's the type of track that knows what it is, knows what it needs to do and does that. Nice job. [Heavy Metal Flow, Fundamental Rap]”

“Dead Broke [Wake] was surprisingly nice also. I thought he came correct. Didn't have anything bad to point out or that could be worked on. Sounded good. [Essence Shyst Ft Wake]”

“Dead Broke [Wake] was also pretty nice. His vocals didn't have effects just straight going after the track. Good lyrics, energy, flow. He really showed up, great part. [Essence Shyst Ft Wake]”

“I like the delivery you have Dead Broke [Wake], reminds me a bit of Eminem, the voice anyway, you sound real comfortable on your tracks. [Bang ft Shyst & Def]”

“Dead's [Wake's] delivery is good for him, keeps it wild and unique. This worked for him pretty well also. This was a cool drop. [Bang ft Shyst & Def]”