Darrow Chemical Company / Press

“Darrow Chemical Company's New Album " A Nightmare on Seventh Ave" has reminded me why i fell in love with punk rock in the first place. go get this album.”

Steve Mantis Koranda - Steve Mantis Koranda

"A Nightmare on Seventh Avenue' has awakened memories of how punk should be done and was done long ago, but with it's own authority stamped all over it".

Ja Priestly - Monsterfiend

“This Band Has one foot in the Past, and Brings the Punk rock genre into the new Millenium. Super tight, High energy, with great vocals, and good Lyrics. Pay attention cause these guys are going places.”

Eerie Von - Samhain, Danzig

“..."Finally a band that spits forth the nostalgia of true classic punk - but still stands on it's own two feet as a non-stop record that simply punches your ears awake again!"... ”

Mister-Sam (Sam Shearon) - http://www.mister-sam.com/

“Darrow Chemical Company is the sound of the hearts wounds healing...Albeit through cauterization"”

Argyle Goolsby - Blitzkid

"True East Coast punk at it's best"

Steve Zing - Danzig, Samhain, Marras Drug

“With true D.I.Y. mentality, comfort in the underground and sheer determination to class up the scene, J.V. and Darrow Chemical Co. are keeping punk rock in NJ”