Daemon Blak Music / Press

“I believe that the simultaneously organic and electronic approach taken by Daemon Blak on the Dark Blu project showcases nicely the duality of human experience. This chiaroscuro is repeated in the more masculine instrumental arrangements and the female vocals that grace a great many of these recordings." I feel that the female vocals could be compared to that of a Nightwish or an Arch Enemy, but that there are much more ensconced into each track than the aforementioned acts. This means that Dark Blu is a unitary effort rather than a faceless band with a pretty face. It really is a refreshing take on a well-trodden path; individuals that are looking to include a similar dynamic would do well to put the band forth rather than a pretty image. ”

“DARK BLU/Same (Self Released) 4 tunes of some strong heavy metal with blends of power metal thrown in and I like the double bass, fast parts to boot. The singer is a female, which I am not normally a fan of, but she has a kick ass voice no doubt. The 4 songs easily left me wanting more and guitar sound is wicked cool and be very interested in what this band puts out next.”

"PREMONITION” features a female soprano voice. The song begins with a loud and aggressive riff however; the melody softens when sultry yet strong female vocals are introduced. There is an interesting fusion of crisp and clear singing/the sound of dirty guitars."