Dark Beauty / Press

“Loved listening to your sampler! Great operatic range. A really beautiful voice you possess.”

SpEnt fiXer - ReverbNation

“You bare your soul in these songs...truly an artist.."Wrong side of heaven" just weeps...beautifully done”

John Lewis - ReverbNation

“There's nobody else like Dark Beauty . . . subtle power in a time when everyone screams to be heard, this is the kind of music that grabs your soul with a whisper.”

Greg Leatherman - ReverbNation

“Beautiful voice for a beautiful concept !... Congratulation, my Friends ! Best wishes from France EYE 2 EYE ”

EYE 2 EYE - ReverbNation

“Absolutely brilliant work!! Love the style, the atmosphere, the vocals, everything! Quality! x x x”

Victoria Crabb - Classical - Reverbnation

“Wow! Thats a killer voice! Marvellous!!!! :) ”

cult of wedge - ReverbNation

“Passionate performances blending exotic beats, sweeping synth horizons, fantastic guitar playing; bound together by a Bel canto vocalist comfortable with soaring passages and ...”

Embers of Autumn - ReverbNation

“Save yourself is totally awesome. You shine with pure excellency. Wish you the best in all you do. Cheers.”

Greg Ashton Haze - Rock / Heavy Rock / Classical/ World - Reverbnation

“Fascinated by your singing Dark Beauty. Brilliant music. ”

“Really enjoying your songs and excellent vocals. Superb music!”

Anchorage Alaska - ReverbNation

“Dark Beauty makes the Special Featured Artist Page on on CORAL ROSE RADIO! Monday, March 26th! Kicking off the New Music Show! ”

“Fantastic music here, love your songs and vocals!! Best wishes and hopefully a lot of success for you!! Cheers. ”

Kimmy B Shade: - Reverbnation

“Follow, follow, follow the Dark Horse that is going to go far & win the race @DarkBeautyMusic She is the one to WATCH as she is sensational!”

“Again here to listen to your fantastic music Liz. You´re voice is soo beautiful...”

I&SON - Pop / Alternative / Experimental - Reverbnation

“You have one of the best vocal cords of the 21st century. Love the way you sing. ”

Csaba Gulyas - Vancouver, BC, CA - Reverbnation

“Hi Liz! The only thing I can say is WOWWWW, and thanks for being here....you're very very gifted. Blessings from Scotland ma friend, x”

Max the Cat - Reverbnation

“Wow. Your voice is incredible, not just in its tonality, but the technique is exquisite.”

Morrison's Prophecy - ReverbNation

“All 3 songs are excellent, the vocals are exceptional and the band is very talented !! ~ Foxman”

Foxman - Reverbnation

“Epic is right! Great depth, with fantastic imagery. And, what a voice! Totally hear you cutting the title track to a future Bond film.”

The Roadhouse Clams - ReverbNation

“You need to take that awesome voice straight to the nearest film studio!!! Your music paints pictures around the soul. ~kc”

KC Daleigh - Reverbnation

“Playing My Abyss...and its really haunting. Im really digging this track. Love the dynamics of it too...how the song builds. This is really cool stuff. Your vocal parts and the strings sound so masterful. Reminds a little bit of Circue Du Soleil and one of their composers Violaine Corradi...Truly beautiful music...hows that for an opinion. The whole group performs and writes brilliantly. And Im always a sucker for a guitar solo...great stuff.”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“Wow! ”

B-bop - ReverbNation

“Dark Beauty is one of our faves! This is great music, backed by incredible talent and passion. It doesn't hurt that Dark Beauty is also an active supporter of musicians across the globe. ”

SUNSIDE - ReverbNation

“May All Be Well ~ Brilliant Artistry ~ Best Regard ~ ”

Lord Of Spirits - ReverbNation

“Amazing music amazing girl amazing friend!!!!!!! ”

PROMIZE - ReverbNation

“Liz et al: What incredible, creative music here. I adore artists like Ofta, Sara and Enya...we now have Dark Beauty. Cheers. J”

Eugene Jacquescoley - ReverbNation

“I am always happy to listen to this fantastic music. Wonderful work Liz.”

I&SON - ReverbNation

“Playing Save yourself...great track Dark Beauty. Fine production creative work....Mysterious and it draws you in like a moth to light...awesome work! ”

Joe - NYC Guitarist - ReverbNation

“diggin the "Abyss" track..got the rest of your tunes blasting this morning, cause they're putting me in the perfect mood to create a new banger! Thanks for being such an inspiration..have a sensational week!!”

MikeWhitePresents - ReverbNation

“Awesome music, love your style, keep doing this music, compositions so creative!”

The KHM - ReverbNation

“Thanks for bringing a smile to my soul and a tap to my toes this Sunday with your fantastic creativity. Love and Praises from the Eastest of all Londons!!”

“Very beautiful operatic theme, love your solid and tight gothic atmosphere.. Yes, and my favorite is your vocal, Liz.. I wish i had a vocalist like you :) Masterpiece!!! Keep...”

“Hey there...taking a listen to MY ABYSS. Nice tune. Very cool feel. Wonderful voice. You shine with brilliancy!”