Dain Bramadged / Press

“Wow no#1 Show's what a true artist can put together with no prop's...Excellent!”

KC Daleigh - Fan!

“I realy like the fact that{ what you hear is what it is } you just can't cop that feeling with computer's nice work Dain .Rock on .thank's for the friendship!”

Six String Woody - Fan!

“Thanx man!!! I dig the damage your doing!.....peace”

The G-Dexter's - fan

“Hey Dain! I have listened to no#1 a dozen times. It is an odyssey of brilliance from start to finish.I truly do not think that song need's a vocal.It tell's it's own story.And the fact you'one man bring that whole sound together 'no foot switch 'no computer 'no mixing is Astoundingly Genius my friend.Anyone reading this check it out!.”

Bob Aylett - Fan!