Conniption Fits / Press

“Some good old, straight up boots, spikes and mohawk punk. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. Vocalist Jessie Vile spits out venom with her lyrics that match the relentless jackhammer of the music. I'd love to see them play.”

Ty Stranglehold - Razorcake

“Female fronted, upbeat street punk rock with back up vocals. Working class, anti-heroin and pro-drinking. Think of the snottiness of Tibbie X from the X-Possibles, the toughness of Jen from the Midnight Creeps, mixed with the sound of the NY Rel-X and the Distillers. Super solid release for the sound these guys are going for. If you like whiskey, fighting, and would die for your punk rock lifestyle, check this out.”

Maximum Rock-n-Roll