Conception Of Being / Press

“Blending a mix of death, thrash, groove, and even a slight bit of black metal, Conception of Being shows TONS of promise. Their debut ep, "Unearthed", is one of those "all killer, no filler" types. In future years, I can almost certainly gurantee that it will be looked back on as one of the classics that fans will refer to.”

“This band is one to watch for! Their song writing talent is amazing for their young age. The live show is definitely not to be missed!”

Rmd - Sign Me To RoadRunner Review

“These guys are GODS compared to some of the shit that's coming out nowadays, I give them a five out of five |..|,”

"Obese Son of Cyriis" - Sign Me To RoadRunner Review

“These guys are fucking brutal! The lyrics are so brilliant, the guitars are heavy, the drums are sharp, and the singing is awesome! These guys ARE the next big thing! Do the right thing Roadrunner!”

Alex Watt - Sign Me To RoadRunner Review

“These guys are fucking awesome I saw them last Saturday and they put on a good live show. All of the musicians in the band are very good and bring a lot of fresh talent to the metal scene.”

Paulie G - Sign Me To RoadRunner Review

"If you're looking for some blistering metal, Conception of Being is definitely a place to look. They are thrash with some great old-school black metal influences mixed in. You can tell that they are influenced by some of the greats of both genres, like Toxik and Megadeth of the thrash scene and early-Cradle of Filth and Marduk of the early-90's. All of their lyrics are much more insightful than the standard angst-ridden trash that seems to be deemed as "metal" these days, with topics especially centering in on the various conflicts taking place in the world today. A particular spectacle is lead vocalist Brandon Distel's shriek, which is eerily similar to that of Dani Filth's on early staple releases such as "Dusk...and Her Embrace." So if you are a fan of blackened thrash, i.e. Toxic Holocaust, Skeletonwitch, or a fan of either black or thrash metal, Conception of Being will definitely give you something new and memorable to bang your head to."