“We had a blast! I knew most of the tunes you guys played…except for that crazy funk montage. That was awesome. We will be spreading the word of you guys to book you more weddings in the future. You guys were great! ”

Groom - Email

"thanks so much, you seriously made our night, what a great party! We would be happy to write reviews on whatever site you would like, and send any potential customers our way so we can tell them that booking your band will be the best decision they will make for their wedding! We couldn't be more pleased with all involved. You guys, the caterer, the photographer.. What a perfect night. Can't wait to see the pics on your page. We will send you more pics from the photographer once we get them back so you can use them for your site as well. Thanks again, you all are the best!"

Bride - Email

“I've been following this band for a few years now...and go out of my way to catch them across central OH. Like every band, players come and go, but Gary (on bass), Frank (on the skins) and Matt (on horn) have maintained a solid core that attracts some fo the finest guitar talent you can imagine (think Mike Dudley and Mark, whose last name I don't know!). Their St. Patrick's Day nite at Roop Brothers was...memorable!! ”

Bar/Lounge in Delaware, OH - Gig Salad

“I booked the "Pushers" edition of the Code Blue Band for a major state-wide agency event in May. The mix of funk/punk/blues/rock was awesome and had "something for everybody" in the mixed crowd. Throughout the nite I had fantastic feedback from the Farmers agents and employees attending, and coporate participants in the "vendor fair" asked me how to get in touch with them for their own events! This band is professional, through and through. On-time, on-stage and totally on-targetr for this event. An incredible mix of talent and style. Go for it! ”