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“A Brooklyn staple with powerhouse pipes. Backed only by partner Satchel Jones, she projects a warm R&B flavor either when singing in French, or when covering classics like ‘Ring of Fire.’”

“Initial reaction to the new album has been extremely positive. With a varied sound, it has songs that speak to different people in different ways, which is something that Christina is happy about, rather than have one song that stands above the rest. Two that have turned out to be particular favorites are “Freddie” and “Silver Bullets.””

““Like A Cigarette (I Love Ya Baby)” has a subtle rhythm that will seduce you from the first listen. The groove created from the light guitar flowing into LaRocca’s voice, horn and delicate percussion is deceptively simple. The depth of LaRocca’s vocals and the passion she puts into her music is contagious and you can’t help but fall under her spell. The textures are smooth and molten, like one of those melted chocolate lava cakes. Taking your first bite you know you like it but as you delve deeper the richer it gets. “Silver Bullets” is smokin hot. The multi-instrumental feel to this piece is a happy jumble of pulsing motion. A guitar flairs with a steady percussion traipsing through the background making this piece full of creative foot stompin fun. Images of movie monsters prevail as LaRocca spins her tale of betrayal. The composition & melodies crafted here are spot on and this is one of my favorite tracks on the album. Read more at:http://www.muzikreviews.com/revie”

“AWE scored an advance preview of 10 tracks — and we’re please to report they are rock solid; making good use of her LaRocca’s flexible voice and increasingly mature lyrical skills. Our favorites on first listen: The soulfully horny (in all senses of the word) “Freddie” and bass-driven club-thumper “Call Your Name.” On the other end of the aural spectrum, “Early is the End” and “Tonight” are languid, beautifully restrained pleasures.”

“Christina LaRocca, gorgeous woman, gorgeous singer… beautiful, rich, jazzy, soulful voice, you are absolutely going to love her.”

““The artisticness that’s there in Staten Island isn’t anywhere else in the city,” he said. “Musicians like (Seconds guitarist) Joe Pecora, (Heavy Weather guitarist) Carl Gallagher, and (Plastiq Passion drummer) Stacey Lee, they’re some of the best musicians in the tri-state area, hands down.” "But the 101.9 WRXP DJ just can’t quit Staten Island. He still regularly plays local unsigned Staten bands on his Sunday night show, “Anything Anything.” On Record Store Day — April 17 — he’ll release a limited edition 10-inch vinyl compilation (500 copies) that features performances by both The Seconds and Christina LaRocca and will be sold in record stores from Bleecker Street to Hoboken."”

“10. HPB ft. Christina LaRocca (prod. by Mike Cash)-Conscience lyrics and great beats is the definition of hip-hop, but throw in some alternative and you got yourself a winner. Christina LaRocca puts you in a trance with her voice full of elegance and ease.”

“["Fire]mixes a reggae-tinged rhythm with an outro guitar solo worthy of some "Hotel California" comparisons...”

“Powerful soulful vocals backed up with some funk.”

“Super commercial soulful pop. Fierce female vocal, albeit very polished and sweetly wrought. Pretty neat.”

Hope & Anchor - Hope & Anchor

“Heavy Weather's own material is based in the simple grooves of funk and blues music, with LaRocca's vocal moving from whimsical scatting to full-throated, emotional belting.”

“All of the band members exhibit tight timing, impressive improvisational skills and solos that could make the jaws of even the harshest critics drop to the floor. ”

Erin Feely - Bright Forecast for Heavy Weather

"Heavy Weather played next and blew away everybody. What a tight and musically talented band these guys are. "

"Of all the acts I saw perform Christina LaRocca was the one I wanted to hear more from."

Patrick Shaw - Exec Producer of Tainted Blue Studios

““Heavy Weather closed out the evening with a performance not to be forgotten. Their lead female vocalist captured the audience with her soulful and perfectly pitched voice. They had excellent compositions aided by instrumentalist of the finest quality."”