Chris Reed / Press

"Chris Reed is a musician, singer, songwriter from the San Francisco Bay Area. This modern day troubadour has made it his mission to inspire people to follow their dreams and believe in themselves through the power of his music. Armed with his guitar, ukulele, and his soothing voice, Chris creates a sound that seamlessly blends elements of pop, folk, reggae, and more."

“Local singer-songwriter Chris Reed blends reggae, folk and pop, and sings his heart out, all while giving it a really laid back, beach-town Sublime feel. Previously the frontman of reggae band Aivar, Reed released debut solo album Sweet Destiny this year, which takes his grab bag of styles and lays it with gorgeous harmonies and uplifting, hopeful lyrics.”

“Throughout this record, we are transported from songs of hope and love, to ones of searching for real meaning in an overwhelming world.”

H.D.R. - Arts Initiative

"Chris Reed, is reinventing himself as a talented singer songwriter... his playful folksy-pop lyrics drip innocence like the soothing sound of ukulele. But deeper in reveals a soulful songwriter, passionate about love and society. A grade-school band director by day, Chris Reed has also created a South Bay company called Arts Initiative to bring music and theater programs back into schools..."

"I let the songs be the guide and do my best to listen to where they need to go."

"My favorite part about being a musician is that I have the capability to tell stories. Not just my own, but the stories of other people who do not have a voice. There is so much that can be changed through music and I will never forget the power that it holds. Music has the power to connect us in so many ways and helps us to gain perspective when times are tough."