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“Love you boys !!!! "Dutchy" is awesome !!!! and you both look as cheeky as hell !! haha :) Merry Christmas Gorgeous ones..xoxo”

she said & hillbilly stix - fan review

“with all this fake sh*t on the radio, it's good to find an artist like you that keeps it real i'm feeling ur tracks a lot homie... good sh*t, real talk ur delivery is dope and you ride the beat like it was made for you Delivery is on point and i LOVE the way you rhyme next time ur looking for a beat to kill bruh, you better holla at me! lol check out the site homie www.rappersbestfriend.com nothin but radio-ready joints that might just help you make that break-through record you need to go to next level drop by any time man, and let me know what you think. your voice would sound perfect over a few of these joints can't wait to hear back from you fam... -Your Best Friend www.rappersbestfriend.com ”

rappersbestfriend - fan review

“Hi! I just listened to your music and it´s really good! My name is Samsey and I work at Ubetoo (www.ubetoo.com) – a global online music/video streaming and distribution site from Sweden. I just wanted to know if I could buy your music anywhere? We are always looking for new artists that we think will be successful in this business. If you’re an unsigned artist, writer or musician you can create a free profile and upload your own video and music, or material you own the rights to, on Ubetoo.com. You get paid every time content is played. http://www.ubetoo.com/streaming ”

samsey - fan review

“Feeling your sound homie keep doing what you doing that tonight track go hard from one artist to another I wish you much success at whatever it is you are striving to become. As you par take in your journey the road maybe tough however, let nothing or no one for that matter stop you from achieving your goals. With success comes struggle and with struggle comes success. Anything worth having is hard to obtain because anything worth having is worth working hard for. You appreciate more the things you earn than the things that are giving to you. Remember, people are going to hate you for whatever you do so live your life in the form that pleases you. Time is precious you only have one live so live each day like your last. Good luck and god bless, you are appreciated and I hope you enjoy the music.”

ldotsdot - fan review

“Feeling your sound homie keep doing what you doing that tonight track go hard from one artist to anothe”

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