Charli Madison / Press

"Officially nominated for 2012 Queen City Awards R&B female artist of the year."

“Winner of 2012 North Carolina Underground Music Award's Vocalist of the Year Award”

“We've got to have a dream if we are going to make a dream come true.”

“wow.. R&B that is forward thinking and outside of the box that it has been in since the mid 90's... haven’t been this impressed since tweet rolled around...//great skills girl.. ”

“Are you the next Legendary Ms. Horne or Ella Fitzgerald? Your tone is resistant and coated with years of determination ”

Rick Blanco

“I can listen to you all night......fast or slow....doesn't matter. I love your voice. I am officially "madisonized".”

Hi Pocket Productions

“hi charli...just came from your reverbnation and...this is my impression...your deliquescent vocals; the arrangements, and the powerful style that has embraced you, creates a refreshing journey...the vibrations of your sounds quickly fall into the category of treasured music... have a great day!”

Rick Harris

“Officially nominated for 2010 Carolina Music Awards Best female R&B Artist of the year.”

“Officially nominated for 2010 Queen City Awards R&B female artist of the year.”

“When i want to be sure of the quality and production and sure that I'll be inspired...I go to your page thanks for being there!”

Carl V. Moore

“The world changes when you change. BELIEVE IT , AND YOU WILL SEE IT”

“Much love to Charli Madison!! You are the bomb girl! Very soothing voice that takes you away to another world of love,joy,and peace.Great work”

Giovanni LMG - Black House Productions

“Ms. Madison...your sound, your voice, your vibe, truly has touched my soul. It won't be long before I see your video on MTV soon or their stupid. 5 Stars Ma 1 Love C1”

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