CONLEY / Press

“Its simple, you have huge huge talent. Your work is slick, neat, and totally polished...your vocals, breathtaking. This is music at the TOP OF ITS CLASS and we are lovin it.”

Motown Passion - Myspace

“The music that blossoms out of you is tremendous.”

Patricia Tenney - Myspace

“Just heard your music and just loved it. You have have a good voice, very strong. I look forward to hearing more from you. ”

Mikey Rivers - Myspace

“I love your music a lot, it's really fantastic. You definitely made my day and put a smile on my face ”

Nikki - Myspace

“We need music like you, we are running low! You are pretty good...really good actually. I think i might just become obsessed with you... ”

Jenn Davis - Myspace

“Your music is very smooth and your voice is flawless. ”

Jasmin Shelton - Myspace

“I absolutely love it. Your voice never ceases to amaze me. Plus, the relativity of (I Miss You) to a situation I'm currently going through helps you out more. ”

Shelby T. - Myspace

“I really love your work. It put a nice little smile on my face :)”

Caroline Knight - Myspace

“You have a really amazing voice:) I guess no matter what the song, with a voice like yours i'm going to like the song.”

Donna Marie - Myspace

“Love your music! Great style, top voice and instrumentation, etc...a very commercial sound, I do declare!”

OzMusoWorx Austrailia - Myspace

“I still love your unique style and your voice makes me smile =) I think nothing can wipe the smile off.”

Johanna - Myspace

“Your music is incredible and your voice is absolutely amazing, love it.”

Justine Mckinney - Myspace