“Nothing could prepare any audience wielding a Playbill with liner notes from a Ph.D. in Musicology for the next act. Bag O' Forks was a family affair, featuring the guitarist and chanteuse from C4, David from Black Magic Marker, and several children - one, the guitarist's own daughter, had a face painted like a mischievous tiger.Phase-washed guitar swirled through the air while David played a roll-up keyboard interspersed with primal poundings on the floor of the stage to provide a pulsing backbeat. The guitarist's daughter hit the conga from time to time, while at other times she threw confetti in the air, over her own head and onto her mother and her friend. Bag O'Forks proved you're never too young to make a joyful noise.A long droning piece concluded the set with a light tapping on the guitar and random notes splayed on the keyboard, creating an ephemeral effect. HOUSTON PRESS JANUARY 1ST 2015”

“If you missed last week you missed another Puffabelly’s stage debut; this time by newbie Ceefor Ebrahimi. You can’t put Ceefor’s music in a genre - - best I can describe it to be “entrancing folk”; together with her style of open tuning on an electric guitar she had everyone’s attention. She brought to Puffs still another layer to our mix (and boy do we have a mix) of open mic niter singer songwriters …doing all of her tunes as originals! Her tunes featured some lyrically intense compositions that I look forward to hearing again one day soon. And as a bonus, Ceefor came to us with her own nickname …’See Four’ (clever girl that Ceefor - - that way she doesn’t get stuck with something me or some of the others tag her with! – ha). ”

Kenny Courville - Kenny Courville email RE: Puffabelly's Old Town Spring TX

“THE C4 BAND, with the rockin’ CEE EBRAHMI(Folk rock/Americana) CEECEE holds true to that Emmylou Harris, Stevie Nicks, Annie Lenox and Janis Joplin heat in her vocals and the C4Band is aptly named for their superb talents to explode with the sounds to rock you. ”

“Everyone came out for Food, Friends and Fun as everybody helped raise money to help support the Surovec families hospital bills. Potbelly, EZ Rider, THEC4BAND, Dan Scott and Chuck Collins all played it sounded great. It was a huge success and well put together at Town Hall Texas. Great job Sara! We want to throw a special thanks out to all the musicians who donated their time and equipment for this awesome cause! God Bless the Surovec family!”

“Ms. “C-4” Ebrahimi, who once again dazzled the audience with her vintage Country / Americana voice. “C-4” is a gifted singer / songwriter and always provides the audience with her unique Texas / Blue grass vocals and playing style while performing her original material. She performed such heartfelt songs as: “Magpies”(One of my personal favorites), “Front Porch”, and "With a Friend Like You”. If you would like to sample some of “C-4”s music, go to: www.ReverbNation.com . “C-4” also played later in the night and performed such songs as “1000 Rivers”, “Wildfires”, and “Rosita”. ”

“A very nice evening breeze gently wisped across the deck of Paul's Resuraunt and Bar, making for a cool evening for live entertainment. I kicked off the "Highway 6 Jamboree/ Open Mic Event" and was fortunate enough to be joined by Lead Guitarist Ray Sauter, from our joint project, " The Texas 1836 Band". I then turned over the Mic to the lovely and talented, Ms. "C-4" Ebrahimi. "C-4" is a singer/ songwritter/ musician that has a powerfull, unique, clear and crisp voice along with the vocal stylings of a vintage classic country female voice, but with an unmistakeable Texas edge to it, that makes it very soulful and dynamic. She accompanied herself on guitar singinging three of her original songs, "A Thousand Rivers", "Blameless", and my personal favorite,"Magpies". Do not be surpirsed one day if this artist comes from out of the blue and really hits it big. Her vocal talents are both unique and musically outstanding, and a must see for country music lovers next Wednesday. ”

“The deck of Paul's Boat was rockin' with near capacity crowd. The show got started at close to 9:00pm and the audience was hungry for some live entertainment. As usual I got things started by playing some Texas Country hit covers such as, Texas on My Mind and L.A. Freeway and shifted gears with an original song titled, "Beer Joint Across the Street". After getting the crowd warmed up, I turned the Mic over to female vocalist "C4" Ebrahimi. "C4" has become one of our favorite performers on the Boat. Being a singer/ songwritter, she has a style that could be best described as Classic Country with a Texas twist and a touch of Bluegrass. Being an original artist, she graced us with such tunes as "Rosebud", "Round and Round", and "Color my Heart". The sizeable audience, was in awe as to her vast highend vocal range and the musical styling of her performance. ”

“If you were not out at Paul's Boat last night, then you really missed on a night of good music, good food, great fun and fellowship. The actual performances got underway a little later than usual as some audience members began rolling in and arriving around 8:30pm. We gave them some time to get settled and kicked everything off at 9:00pm. I kicked the performance off by doing three Texas Country cover tunes and quickly turned it over to a new artist on the scene. Avery nice young lady named "C4" Ebrahimi, took the stage with her guitar and performed three original songs that were a mix of Texas Country and Bluegrass. What a powerful and stellar voice she had and her unique style of music was a welcomed sight and sound that was very warmly received by the audience. This lady had a fantastic vocal range and I look forward to her return next week. ”