Buggaboo / Press

““A one-of-a-kind tapestry of thick harmonies and genuine emotion.””

““…Heartening to hear old Southern forms reformulated so inventively…””

““ A quick listen puts me in mind of a half-century of Texas Blues Rock, from early Doug Sahm through ZZ Top and forward to any number of Texas rockers.””

““’Asteria’ (named after the Greek goddess) is an aural snapshot of a band with something to prove, conjuring up universal emotions and putting their own crunchy, bluesy spin on them.””

"...definitely not overproduced."

Howie Mandel

".....you're doing us a favor just being here."

Sharon Osborne

“With all of their talents and previous undertakings, the members of Buggaboo unequivocally define the meaning of musicianship. The band produces a nostalgic sound and epitomizes the true nature of the Americana genre. ”

“Family members formerly playing in bands such as Porter Wagoner and Boots Randolph, Mason Ruffner and James Taylor. Fame Studio's and Muscle Shoals. Papa Mali's former tour Mgr. Just a little history of what this Austin Band has to lay the groundwork for their own musical endeavors. They will take you to the swamps of Louisiana alongside the alligators, and back to the Heartland with their style of Americana Swamp Rock and Blues, and keep you coming back for more.”

Drew Franklin - Stoned Again Productions Freelance Journals, Austin Texas USA