Brick Fields / Press

“Put on My Traveling Shoes; Gospel-blues duo takes it to the source, will be kicking off tour soon in Israel!”

“Rachel Fields has a God given gift that blows me away!!”

Charles Ragsdale - Nightflying Music Mag

"Rachel Fields is a great talent with a gift from God that simply blows me away!"

"Brick Fields is by far one of the most soulful artists I've heard in years."

"When Larry Met Rachel"

"I am completely addicted to Brick Fields, Amazing Grace, " "Brick Fields is the real blues meets gospel deal"

"Rachel just simply stands in front of the microphone and sings on a voice which intrudes to the depths of the soul."

“Brick Fields is a complete package – great songwriting, with meaningful lyrics, Rachel’s vocals and the music.”

"Brick Fields build a worshipful House of Blues" "Brick Fields is a Brick House of Blues with a Steeple on top!"

"Brick Fields are a welcome addition to the blues world."

"Rachel has a booming voice that can bring you in a multitude of directions, at times even coming close to bringing a tear to my eye."

"Couched in soulful grooves and sung with a voice somewhere on the sweet side of Joplin, Rachel Field’s highly personalized songs of faith could likely tempt even the most secular set of ears."

"First Lady of the Gospel Blue" "An Unbashed Cleansing of the soul"

“Brick Fields are comparable to neo-singer Joss Stone and retro-soul Adele. Rooted deeply in blues, the band's music combines the smooth rhythms of R&B with the upbeat vibe of jazz and retro-soul. Their album, titled Gospel Blue, is striking less for the classic blues songs than for lead singer Rachel Brick's voice: a voluptuous alto powerful enough to short out the on-stage speakers. Her raw vocal skills are impressive, fluttering in soft, flute-like expression that soars up and burns with passion as she gains momentum.”

"Rachel has a soul-full voice with an undercurrent of pain"

"Healing, Energetic, and Inspirational!"

"Blue's Medicine" "Rachel channels an honest spirit"

"Winners of The Ozark Blues Society Blues Challenge!"

“Folksy, Gospel, Blues”

“Blue-Swayed Tunes”

“Have a Little Faith In Brick Fields”

"Brick Fields Band picked by Club 152 for Beale Street Blues Kings!"