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“Braddy apparently liked the version of the song that he put together and upon soliciting it to various outlets, quite a few other industry people liked it too. So Braddy contacted KE in reference to the beat. Braddy went into negotiations with KE for the sole purpose of buying the beat and then soliciting the track to radio outlets, labels, etc…in an effort to further gain an audience. Somewhere in the negotiations,after Braddy sent KE the initial deposit for the track, KE stopped communicating immediately. (CLASSIC HUSTLE MOVE) I can confirm the negotiations and the contracts because Braddy produced all of the written literature, emails and text that were sent between himself and KE. READ THE FULL STORY HERE AT http://hiphopencounter.com/?p=10045 **The words and comments expressed in this article are from the CEO of Hip Hop Encounter Media Group, just so we are clear**”

“From songs with Mike Jones to T-Pain he rides with the best. I'm not going to speak on it anymore, I'll let the music speak for itself.”

“This is one of the coldest niggas I know. He goes hard in everything he does & kills every beat that he graces.”

“DeKalb police presence was thick at a Memorial Drive venue touting a pre-Freaknik party Thursday night. Patrons were less than plentiful. "I thought it was gonna be going on. I don't know," said a disappointed Marques Braddy. He was standing outside the Atrium, the venue hosting the party. Braddy says he traveled from Washington DC for Freaknik 2010. "We lost a lot of money," said Martin Mitchell, a vendor standing next to Braddy. "We had a lot of people who came to the venue, but they got harassed by DeKalb County (police) and (they) deterred a lot of our visitors," said Mitchell. ”

“Customer Rating 5.0 Best Cd02/17/2010 By gawgaboi from Macon, GaRead all my reviews "This is Hot EVERYBODY needs to check this out. This man has sum serious lyrics that speaks the truth" Would you recommend this product to a friend? Yes Was this review helpful to you?YesYesNoNoReport inappropriate reviewReport inappropriate review Share this review:”

"We're 100 percent behind this guy and believe that he is fire right now. He has great talent and a tremendous drive. We have such a great collaborative relationship that every time we're in the studio, we create magic."