Boltcutter / Press

“Wow such a unique flip from Rhode Island producer Boltcutter, taking my favorite track Fire Away which is on Skrillex’s most recent album “Recess” and turing it into a groovy deep house jam! Stream or download it below!!”

“We’re getting more and more tracks that seamlessly blend genres as submissions these days, and we couldn't be happier. Especially when the unifying factor is relentless bass and mighty subs. If the adage is true that a song has 10 seconds to hook you, then this one fits that mold well, blasting beats right from the start. The middle parts are devoted to some great electro drops, featuring 4/4 time as well as breakbeats in the different sections. The final product is a very well made party jam.”

“Coming from the pop-rock roots I grew up listening to, electronic never ceases to blow my mind and I give the artists so much respect. When I came across 17 year old Riley Bradway of East Haddam CT, who writes and produces music under the name Boltcutter, it was no exception. His EP, New Beginnings brought a sound that I hadn’t heard before in the electronic world. For me it was the tiny details that won me over; the song titles and vocal samples propelling Boltcutter to stand out over the rest.”

“LACX is quietly releasing some of the toughest records I'm getting my hands on. Their release "In Da Trap! vol. 1" is jam-packed with bangers, but this one is special. The dubstep feel meshing with the trap drums just sit perfectly together. Boltcutter is from Connecticut, and help7 is from Canada. These 2 have a completely different set of influences, and released a wondrous track through a label based in Los Angeles. Trap is going worldwide. I love it.”

“This week's Artist Of The Week award goes to Boltcutter! With his outstanding mix for us (going up soon), and his newest single (The Witness) out with Help7, he has made an impression on my music library. Boltcutter is an amazing producer as well as an all around great guy. He's not a stuck up producer, he's really nice to his fans, and talks to them. The Witness is a very hard and filthy dubstep song. With parts of hardstyle inside it, it really makes you want to dance! Free Download for the win!”

“With attention grabbing drums and the rawest, dirtiest synth patches around, 'Dusk' epitomizes what Boltcutter is all about. Featuring 'Drumstep' hooks and a full-time break down, 'Dusk' is a thrill ride waiting to be tackled. From Electro House to DrumNBass, this guy knows how to put together tunes that will put the dance floor into a riot!”

“When we last brought you some of the sounds of teenager Riley Bradway, who produces and preforms as Boltcutter and hails from the little known and well wooded Moodus, Connecticut, this young and very talented music maker already had a solid catalog of tunes under his belt and was waiting to publish his debut release. As his first EP, Bass Candy, dropped on major media outlets right at the end of February, we are admittedly a little late on offering up our review of this three track slice of tasty bass. Released through the West Coast based 9G Records, Bass Candy has edged its way into Beatport’s top 100 electro house chart which is no small feat, especially for a largely yet to be discovered local standout such as Boltcutter.”

“If you don't know what dubstep is, or what it sounds like, now is a great time to look into the style. It's starting to sprout all over the world, and there's no stopping a viral style of music. Go check out Bolcutter's dubstep if you're just getting a taste of this wild style. And if you already know about this genre, go listen to him anyway so that you have some new heavy bass for your sub woofers in your car.”