BOB LYTE / Press

“Its No Longer SIK CLICK call us ONE REMEDY!!!”

Lyte & Lil Bit - One Remedy

“They are some of the best artist's I have ever heard”

Adam - myspace

“These Cat's Are Off The Hook!! Some Of The Realest Rap I've Heard Since The Early 90's!!If They Don't Get Signed Then This Industry Is Whacker Than I Thought!!”

Crazy B - One Remedy's # 1 Fan

“Come Check Out The Musik!! We Are The Coldest Thing To Hit This Planet Since Snow!!!”

Sik Click - Sik Click

“All The Tracks Are Done For Sik Click Debut Album "All I Need" Mixing & Mastering getting Done Within The Next Few Weeks!!”

Sik Click - Sik Click Musik