the BLOODY JUG Band / Press

“Florida’s Most Wanted Jug Heads”

“The sonic equivalent of a really awesome Halloween party at a cabin in the swamp.”

“Get yourself a shot of Old Granddad, a bottle of your favorite brew, and grab your boots – it’s time for a hootenanny in Hell, and The Bloody Jug Band is the headliner!”

“One might call them Florida swamp-noir.”

“The best part of The Bloody Jug Band is the vocal play between the male and female singers “Cragmire Peace” and “Stormy Jean”...it's like watching a tantric mating dance from the animal kingdom.”

“If you think jug bands are something from a bad Hee-Haw sketch, the Bloody Jug Band is here to not only change your mind, but also to fascinate and terrify you.”

"If Satan hosted a TV show, The Bloody Jug Band would be the house band you would dance your soul away to!"

“Immediately, it’s apparent that this isn’t the commercial/popular country that is blasted on radio stations constantly. This is true Southern bluegrass that takes full advantage of washboards, harmonicas, and mandolins. End of the story: It’s a joy to listen to.”

“The Bloody Jug Band bring the 1920's 'Jug' fad into the dark recesses of the 21st Century”

“Charcoal-throated frontman Cragmire Peace and his enabler of horror, the soulful Stormy Jean, merrily cackle through tales of revenge, demonic sympathy and the briefest moments of mid-killing-spree self-doubt with contagious enthusiasm.”

“The toe-tappin’ jamboree from Hell known as The Bloody Jug Band”

“With the likes of Bob Seger, Kid Rock, Los Lonely Boys, The Supervillains, Buddy Guy and Michelle Branch playing on the same bill, it was clear that The Bloody Jug Band fit right in — by not fitting in at all. ”

“Who would have thought that songs about robbing graves, the walking dead, death and disease could be so catchy?”

“The bluesgrassy/blood country sound mixed with haunting lyrics is something that’s pulled off very gracefully and slightly eerie.”

“Vocalists Cragmire Peace and Stormy Jean are a perfect compliment to each other. Stormy Jeans rich, earthy tones sweetly soften the edges of Peace’s Lemmy as a carnival barker delivery.”

“As anyone familiar with the band would know, The Bloody Jug band is more than a group of musicians playing music together, it’s a whole themed package.”

“The Band plumbs the depths of life's darker side for inspiration.”

“Band of the Week: The Bloody Jug Band”

“The Bloody Jug Band provide the perfect soundtrack to a day in the country, being chased by locals wielding chainsaws while wearing masks.”

“Right from the start it’s obvious that the Bloody Jug Band isn’t a run of the mill band.”

"Best Acoustic Performers of 2010 - The Bloody Jug Band"

“You say you’re in the mood to hear something slightly different...Come here, my pretties and try this on for size...”

“The band is inspired by 1920s and '30s jug bands, which played homemade instruments. The Bloody Jug Band does the same...”

“*Featured in - Rotation: What local artists are listening to”

“It was a fun set to watch, right down to their last song “Blood Train.””