William "Billy" Ramirez / Press

“During the awards ceremony, local songwriter James Slater will perform his "Dreaming America" song, written for Conexión Américas, The highlight of the evening will be a Mascarada carnival featuring original masks made by artisans in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. The Mascarada will recreate folk street carnivals popular in Central America. The fiesta will also feature authentic Latin American food by local chef Karla Ruiz, live Latin music by Kazique's, original artwork by Jairo Prado, and cash bar. Conexion Americas is a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping Latino families realize their aspirations for social and economic advancement by promoting their integration to the Middle Tennessee community. From September 15 to October 15, Conexion Americas celebrates the presence, contributions and rich cultural heritage of Latinos in Tennessee and in the United States.”

“Such is the case with & unpretentious sophomore CD from a duo called Bedhed and Blondy ( Jay Studdard and Fran Jackson) who’s close vocal harmonies (and rhythm guitar work) are seamless, tight & tasty; and they are backed by The Sleepwalkers: a three-piece made up of Austin Skinner (lead & rhythm guitars, backing vocals), Dave Mohr (bass), & Billy Ramirez (percussion). I love the interplay between the two principle singers because they are both strong vocalists on their own, but together they really mesh well; also I love the Americana/folk-rock sound that is wall-to-wall on this all-too-short release. In short, the solid songwriting from both Studdard & Jackson make the eight tracks shine & gleam with a warmth courtesy of their integrity, talent & a quiet intensity that is palpable. This 32-minute album was a delightful surprise when I set it into my computer…I cannot recommend this CD or group strongly enough! Check ‘em out, you’ll be glad you did!”

“William “Billy” Ramirez’s band, Kazique, is making the circuit as Latin Lovers look forward to a week of live music and dynamic DJs. Starting the party this weekend, members will play as The Ibiza Band Friday, February 26 at Ibiza Night Club located at 15128 Old Hickory Boulevard. DJ Aries (Richard Alvarez) will be at the helm of this party cruise. Club Owner Carlos Moncayo will open doors at 9 PM. Band members playing Februrary 26 are Ivan “Vanchy” Porto, lead singer (P.R.); Sixto Tano Reyes, keys (Venezuela); Benjamin Alejandro, bass (P.R.); Valeria Yelina, vocals (Peru); Billy Ramirez, congas (P.R.); and Oscar Hereira, timbales (Colombia). Joining the crew Saturday night when Kazique plays Club España in the Boro are Vince Quinn, tres cubano (US); Ryan, sax (US); John Paul Frapier, trumpet (US); Noel, bongos and bell BGV (PR), Leon Berrios, timbales and BGV (Nicaragua); Valeria Gomez, lead singer (Mexico).”