Bigg UU / Press

"With his excellent choice in beats & lyrical presentation, Bigg UU gave a great performance at our concert with Curren$y as the headliner. The lineup featured many different artists from all over Texas. After this delivery, the crowd was definitely in a Lone Star State of Mind."

Silver Platter Entertainment

"Overall, The LoneStar State of Mind exceeded my expectations. I was expecting another general rapper with no skills looking to get his name out, but Bigg UU is the real deal. With expectations of reviving Texas, he is well on his way to the top. With some hard work don't be surprised when Bun-B isn't the only artist you recognize representing Texas. Bigg UU is putting in hard work, & this is an impressive debut album with no label help."

"I think these days the internet can be your friend. You can actually build some die hard fans through the internet. As far as how to get a buzz, you just gotta be consistent. Keep going and keep grinding. Get out there and do shows. Get some merchandise. But most importantly stay consistent." -Bigg UU

"As a rapper?? Hmm. I wanna say I’m socially aware to a certain degree. I came up in an era where on Rap City they used to freestyle, people use to battle and you don’t really see those types of things anymore. I would say that as a rapper I am a combination of everything you have been hearing over the past 10 years. I’m just trying to restore that feeling that people used to get when they were excited about Hip Hop and excited to buy a CD. I’m just taking everything I have learned over the years and bring that back to the music." - Bigg UU