Bad Assets Detroit / Press

“If you are looking for some poppy street punk sound, or a safe happy version of Oi! you came to the wrong album. This is hard nosed, Honest as fuck, pounding American Oi!. The band delivers the feel of Detroit in the same way Cold As Life did, with fucking heart. But more then just their City this album is a statement and testament for all the hungry bands playing in the Midwest. Pounding out for nothing more then each other. Doing this with heart and passion while the rest of the country does not even notice. You no why? Because for us it is not fashion or trend all we have is each other. We do not have bigger labels or the historical scenes of the west and east coast. All Midwest bands have is the great fans of the region. I am telling you if you do not check out this album and the great bands of the Midwest you are doing your soul no good. This album is not slick or thick with big studio sound. It is a little bloody, beer soaked, pounding, filled with heart, and angry as fuck.”

“Definitely the band’s best work to date and the tag-team of powerful, gritty songs and a strong production is sure to knock a few of you out cold! Tough, brick wall Oi! is the sound and rough, everyday life is the message on songs like “Weekend Offender”, “Broken”, “Fuck You, I Quit”, “Match Day” and “Out On The Streets”. Supported through guest appearances by Lars Frederiksen (Rancid, Old Firm Casuals) on the title-track “On Trial” and by fellow Detroiter Jason Navarro (The Suicide Machines, fuckin’ loved their “Destruction By Definition” album when it came out when I was 16!) on “Motor City Violence”, Bad Assets’ latest sure will get some extra attention. Something that is well deserved, because these guys work hard, but play harder! If this was a real trial I'd find the defendant guilty of recording and releasing yet another brutal album and sentence them to release this on vinyl very soon! Because it’s, unfortunately, just out on CD at the mo”

“It’s not every day that a new band emerges with Oxblood as its main influence. But that’s easily the best comparison for this hard, super-catchy Detroit oi band. The vocals have that lovable, food-in-the-mouth quality to them that gets me every time. The lyrics take the traditional working class themes found on countless prior oi albums, but with a focus on current economic and social issues, adding genuineness not always found on oi or street punk releases. U.S. oi developed its own hardcore-influenced feel over the years, and Bad Assets borrows from that tradition. The production quality is especially studied, mixed with way less treble than albums from other punk subgenres. Anyone into skin sounds will get super excited by this totally kick ass new group. Bad Assets are anything but bad.”

“Oi! – Detroit-style Punk's not dead — just ask Bad Assets So fighting the temptation to jump to an assumption, is there any risk that Bad Assets have any white power sympathies? One look at the band immediately puts those fears to bed. "Well, I'm black," Anderson says. "If you know anything about the scene in Detroit, back in the '80s and early '90s, there were a lot of Nazis in the Detroit punk and hardcore scene. Detroit didn't really have a big Oi! scene, but there were some other Oi! bands back then. Whether or not they were racist is kind of a question mark. I've been in Death in Custody for 10 years, and I can tell you, there aren't any Nazis that come to punk shows in Detroit anymore."”